Sancharan – A journey into transformation (Be lost to find yourself)

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Sancharan – Shobhit & Dinesh

309 days, 22589 kms, buses, trains ,cycle, motorcycle, the vast Thar desert in the west , the Great Indian ocean in the south, the enchanting Garo and Khasi hills in the east and the mighty Himalayas in the north, from living a nomadic to a lavish life ,from sleeping on the footpath to a five star home stay …taking however it came and not only experienced but touched and felt the magnanimous and compassionate heart of India..we might be physically down but spiritually grown, have seen reality beyond perception which ignited our spirits to feel the need to serve the country and its people…..the unplanned and spontaneous vision giving yatra ‘Sancharan’ is over but the journey doesn’t end here…

.Sancharan – “A Journey into transformation” is all about that, finding out the meaning of life. It is about me, Dinesh & my friend, two lives running parallel for a while, with similar passion and dream. we set out for a journey across the country with just a backpack and maps on 15th November 2011 from Udaipur, Rajasthan. To unknown directions and to go from a region of known to unknown world, to re-define the meaning of life through “spiritual, Social and adventures experience.

We met in Bangalore, after completing our MBA from different colleges we got placed in a same telecom company. We worked there for 3 years and while working together, while sharing our thoughts, brought this thing out that though everything in job is going right but this is not the work we are suppose to do our whole life, we realized that we were born to do something else not just for usselves but for others, for humanity, for the country by serving us, doing something which makes sense. Hence came this journey, a journey of experience, a journey of learning, a journey of transformation.

We take this experience as merely a beginning to challenge to ignite our spirit”. We touched & experienced the real India, the heart of India. In the villages, schools, tribes, deserts, nomads, seashores, oceans, forests, mountains. It started right from west and far south then eastern India and finally to North India …Himalayas. We did not carry much money with us; we worked, earned then financed the travelling part. Travelled in general compartment of train, buses, taking lifts and after 6 months of journey we bought a used bike to explore more in Himalayan region to the remote villages & tribes, using our medical emergency money. About food and stay, our country and its people have a big heart and they took care of us without any expectation. We did have tent as well, so wherever we couldn’t get any place than the tent gave us another experience. 

We knew that this journey is no picnic …there will be hurdles, bad days and we might see the worst but we will see the best days as well and with a believe that life is either a daring adventure or nothing and we have to start now because the Time is always right to do, what is right. Someone says”20 yrs from now you’ll be more disappointed by the thing you did not do, than by once you did Do”.

Some how things fell in place for us to set off for a journey but it wasn’t always true ,once it started off but we were prepared for that and why not, because the real adventure spirit lies in the excitement where one is challenged by unfavorable circumstances in life. This journey took us through the length and breadth of the vast country, India, got to know it better with its culture, spirituality, its varied natural vegetation and ever so changing charisma after every 100 miles.

And the most important aspect was our vision came out of this journey, while travelling we saw, experienced the pain points of India, when we visited schools, colleges, having sessions with students on EQ(emotional quotient), career guidance, computers. We realized that the real solution lies in education, not just education which gives certificate but education which makes a man, character making, skill developing education, education with moral values and a to live a life , not only for self but for others as well. There are around 6, 00,000 villages in India and irony is that children of villages, are way to far from this sort of education.

At present we are still connecting to people and in search for some platform/space where we can be connected to youth and get to utilize, share the experience.

Dinesh menaria


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