Just a SLEEPLESS Friday Night!!!!

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So when I am writing this, it is already GOOD MORNING (for those who slept ;-)). Time is 5.30 A.M. in Indian Standard Time to be precise or say to avoid my friends’ questions like which timezone. 😉 .

Headphones are resting on my ears and making me feel like any Sa Re Ga Ma Pa programe’s Judge. A hot bowl of Maggi is besides me. Yeah, Don’t worry. I’m sharing that with my laptop’s keyboard also.

Hmm.. So let me rewind when this all started and I ended up in a sleepless Friday night at my flat.

After returning form, this began with a Hollywood blockbuster “The Incredible Hulk” on TV and followed by a typical bollywood masala movie “Chashme Baddoor” (Jisme Pyaar ka Punchnama wala actor hai “Liquid”) back to back which killed our almost 4 and half hour. Mix Chaat of Holly-Bolly really just made the starting of friday night spicy. Chill!!! I am not going to bore you with movie review. 😛

It was 01.30 A.M. when my friends (Flatmates,Training Batch-mates or call whatsoever. ;-)) went to bed and one of guards of my society was just making sure that I should not sleep by whistling continuously.
Anyways I opened Facebook just to make my daily quota of social networking complete. My friends say that my meal will not digest if i don’t use Facebook before sleeping. This is where i took WRONG TURN. After satisfying my hunger of liking and commenting, I ended up into chatting with one of my best buddies of college and my senior.This was the high-time when our brains were in its maximum performance mode and our thoughts were flowing like hell. (Hawaai Kile…. [Castles of Air 😉 ] ).
Time also flew away and it was 4.30 A.M. now. I bade them a Good Night and thought of sleeping but accidently clicked on a link in newsfeed and then I found myself on a Personality test website. It was appealing so I took the test, First one, then two and so on. Quite Amusing You can say. Result what I found was pretty interesting and got to know that I possess ENTP kind of personality. (Facebook was still open.)

To my surprise, I could relate that to my self. I was just wondering and then my stomach roared loudly. Ohh!!! I forgot that last time I ate something was 8 hours before as It was 5.15 A.M. Now.
By the grace of God, we had maggi for emergency ;-). So Just left everything, put my headphones on my Listening senses, Started Music Player on cheap ShyaamSingh’s (Samsung) phone and I was all set to make some Bhasad in Kitchen. Hopefully, Maggi was prepared well and I’m now at starting point of my post.

It was 5.30 A.M. (Yeah, IST again).

By the end of writing this post, Electric bulbs and tubelights of Pune now have been turned off as “Chandaa Maama So gaye.. Suraj Chachu Jaage”. The Light of dawn was raising its wings.
As now I’m finishing this post, I’ll be leaving for balcony and enjoy some eyes-soothing sceneries with cool breeze outside.

GOOD MORNING FOLKS.!!!! 🙂 See you soon.
Ohh!! ha… The Birthday Journey – Part 2 is in progress. If you missed part 1 then reach from here.

P.S. – If you find HULK anywhere then please tell him that I’ve mentioned him in my blog-post He once requested me to blog about him or at-least put his name once. 😉 😀
Are still here!!!!!!!! Well, Just witnessed Rising Sun and so are doing my hopes with life.

Kuldeep Singh Rathore

IBM India Pvt Ltd, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar

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