A Letter to God

Posted: June 7, 2013 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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On one Sunday night
I decided to write
A letter to the Almighty !
But What to write!
Had I everything to fulfil my needs
But pursuing my desire
I thought over and over
In perplexity
Went away a day or two
And I remained confused
Then I resisted the ideal idea
Of writing a letter
On Wednesday evening
I went to my cousin’s house
Travelling across the city
And observing the febrile atmosphere
Suddenly I encountered with
Some poor people
Felt embarrassed
On seeing
Thy pitiable condition
My mind struck
And I wrote the letter to God
Which I floated in the holy river
And prayed him
May these poor people
come out of their miseries
and come across cheers
In their life
As I was carrying
A bunch of bananas
Other fruits as well
I offered them
To those Poverty stricken people
With whom I encountered………

Amrita Kulshreshtha

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