Hallucinating Reality

Posted: June 25, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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A man shouts out to far off messiah standing under the cold moon,
Whispering light into the man’ eyes,hoping to see the sun soon.
Insanity lingers through the air with aliens smokin’ in the background,
The man plays a Spanish guitar, re-kindling spirits,
Repetition of things, they call it the pattern of their life bits,
Messiah’s voice echoed around the cave, a cave deeper than his voice,
Man shouted god!!… So was the birth of it, such was the man’s choice,
Insanity closing down on him now, the man ran towards the messiah, insane….
it was the man, it was the end, it was the end of the cave…

Shubit Rakshit

HCL Infosystem


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