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I’ve been trying to write a new poem for weeks,
I pick up my pen and it just feels
heavy …
unlike what lives inside my heart.
I cry unheard voices to my life
hoping it would take me to you..
My head used to cook up
trying to answer out some questions,
why I’m here,
where I belong;
asking questions to souls that never cared enough to listen.
I never believed in soul mates,
now you have me enjoying
things I never knew exists:
in your eyes,
in your arms.
You gave me the eternal happiness I’ve been trying really hard to find,
I guess this is what it means
to know life in every breath.
So tell me do you hear it too,
how our hearts will beat as if one…
because you have this poet stuttering,
almost speechless,
breaking down with rejoice,
and every single tear
is an expression I don’t know how to say.

Nikhil Chandwani

VIT University


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