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Y did all frndz turn 2 foe

U alwys said dis hd to hppn

Nvr bel v cud go togthr to heaven

Nw u hav movd on..

And indeed u r gone..

I only c u on facebook

I wish i did.nt take d step i took

Wen.i c ur million dollar smile

I.think fr a while

Myb u r hppy cz u r no longer mine

Myb d brkup is d reason fr ur shine

I was d stone bet u and sucess

I shud nt hav created such a mess

For u it was only u and ur path to glory

I was only a hiccup in ur success story

Wen i c u touchng heights 

And c u go beyond my sights

Was it all my fault,
u make me think

I was nt dat bad dt u left me at d brink

U shud hav told me ur plan
like a coward u ran

U r d cause fr my downfall

I was addicted to u,aftr all

My perf graph went down

All u did was giv a frown

Dnt wrry history wud repeat itself

It is bettr u apologiae urself

One day u wud need me

Till.den u will. Nevr b set free…

Ritwik Wadhwa


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