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Every morning she gets up,looking in the mirror is the first thing she does.I love you,the image in the mirror tells her,especially your eyes and lips.

Her eyes are mysterious,capturing in their own way.

But now these beautiful brown eyes are losing their spark.They have gone bleak.They keep gazing at things for long with something scrupulous going on back in the head.They are not vacillating but still searching for something, waiting for something to happen in her life.

She still does her daily ritual-looking into that vitreous rectangular piece;but now instead of making her happy,by appreciating her,the mirror saddens her by reminding her of someone.She starts thinking of the man,who has driven her stark bonkers.A man who flouted every rule that she conjured in her mind and bent and mutated all her ideas about romance.A man who is strong and silent,who does not say everything,probably because he thinks that will cauterize the spark in between them.Or probably that is what she thinks about him and may be it’s a lie as well.A man with whom she shares nothing yet everything.A man with whom she shares a relation,which is like a delicious piece of pie you order in a restaurant on a country side,one cozy evening-the best piece of pie you have ever eaten in your life and one you can never find again.A relation,that she is extremely proud of;proud of the fact that these two people are very different from the whole lot and that they compliment each other in the best way.And all this, when she is not even sure if she can call it a relation.

How much she loves this paradoxical part of her life!!

Deep within,she is well aware of the fact that may be this is the mistake of her life but then she also knows, even if it is,it is the best mistake and what more does she needs when this is the man who fulfills her to satiety,like no one can and he is the one who has made her the most happy in her life.She adores, admires, cherishes, desires, wants, needs, prizes, esteems, idolizes, reveres, treasures him.

She misses him the most,when it has been more than four months since she had last been with him.

Now when she looks at her image,all those memories and moments,in which he praises her in his own subtle way,come rushing back and all she wants is him,to look at her and appreciate her.

Suruchi Sharma

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