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We walk side by side,
Lost in our own thoughts,
Lost in our different worlds,
Trying to find the next foothold.

We wait for the same bus-ride,
Thinking of everyday fights,
Thinking of unopened folds,
Trying to cross the threshold.

We share a sudden glance, wide,
As the tires screech their rights,
As the moment, for a second, holds,
Trying to look calm and bold.

We take our silent leaves, aside,
Hoping to make an impression, for nights,
Hoping to wait till the future unfolds,
Trying to frame that one bus-stand, in gold.

We were two strangers from the world, wide,
Wasted in our present and our fights,
Wasted in screams, laughs, slaps and scolds,
Trying to forget each other, unasked, untold.

Oly Chatterjee

University of Alberta

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