Life of a single college girl…

Posted: September 19, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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As you enter the college gate making your way through the crowd there will be n number of people scanning you from top to bottom. The news is spread like fire and it travels back to you “Oh! So you are single”. Gradually people engage in a deeper conversation trying to dig your past and calling them your best friends.

You’ll find people judging you on the way you dress, the no. of guy friends you have, the number of friends on your bbm list, everything calls for a discussion and mind it these will be none other than your own friends. One day suddenly I encountered a rapid fire round. “Why do you have to talk to every other guy “and “Why do you need a boyfriend when you have us?” 

Firstly “Would the question have been the same if I would be having more of girlfriends?” I asked and there was a bunch of blank faces. Even if you have 10 guy friends there is no harm in having the 11th one. What matters is choose your friends wisely. Ironically all these advices always come from a committed group of people.

Secondly you need one to share things with, which you don’t share with them. You need one to make you feel special and different in this world. You need one to shut their mouths and prove them wrong. You need one not because they have one but to be happy in your own little world. 

Being single is not a curse. Being unhappy about it is surely a sin. What if you have a bad past? Everyone does. It doesn’t mean you have a red flag for the rest of your life. As I always believe being single is the best phase of your life. 
Cheers to all the single girls!!!!

Tanvi Mahajan

Kirori Mal (Delhi University)

  1. Prateek Mittal says:

    Same applies to the life of a single guy 🙂

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