Posted: September 20, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...

yesterday while watering plants in my garden…walking on wet mud…drew my attention on the footprints that left behind as i walked …it made me feel that lyf is like mud, and footprints are the memories of people …some footprints were dark and seemed to last forever …some were lighter…seemed to fade away soon…some fresh yet had grt impression…
as we grow …so grows our relatn wid grows our bond with lyf..sum relatns r vry strong n last long..sum short..yet precious…sum for a moment..still painful…

all footprnts…d memories have a lesson to teach…a smyl to bring when one is sad…or creates way for tears when one is happy…

so as we grow ..numerous of ppl get cnnctd wid our lyf..each one of them leaves behind thr memories… thr foot prnts…a reason y u remember thm..a reason that connects your lyf with theirs!!!

a reason that gives your lyf a reason!!

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technolgy

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