Common Man Of India

Posted: September 24, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Admist the hustle and bustle of a railway platform, lives an unsung tale of the common man of India.MAN ,a common man, as common as the “chai Garam Chai” sold at every station of indian railways. If characterised,he is a man with a bag on one shoulder and a “chai garam chai” in the other hand. A lonely figure enters the scene of Indian Railways with a vision of his destination and plans of the future.MR.”chai garam chai” gets seated on the platform and the journey initates.

Brisk and lively gossips, debates on nation’s government, all worldwide issues discussed at a pace and fluency of a professional , little do they know about the constitution of india still complains about the mishap indian government is . The discussions range from the popular issues of the time to the intimate happenings of a celebrity’s life. High tempered debates , cross questioning the whole notion of being alive, explaining all the adversities of life, our common man travels the span of his land. This is the level of intimacy created in just seconds of encounter , oh yes ! our “chai garam chai” is very much welcoming . Buying tea for the reverend “bhaisahab” he just met , is like a ritual to these enchanting encounters of railways. Blowing horns,chirping noises of chatters all around, ferocious chase towards the rail compartments— “train has arrived” —the sweet melodious harmony between our common man and his counterpar t comes to an hault . 

Following the departure of train,there is a momentary desertness on the platform but “YATRIGADH KRIPYA DHYAN DE” swipes away all the desertness in a blink of eye. Like an amoeba , the platform witnesses the arrival of double number of passengers after the engulfing of old passengers in the just departed train. Again the briskness of the platform is maintained. “YATRIGADH KRIPYA DHYAN DE” has a very influential effect over the “chai garam chai” people of India. In the utter hurry of getting on the train , people risk the very existence of themselves. Ignoring the fact “tracks are for trains and footbridges are for men”. Foreplaying the adamant mindset of common man .People who were blaming the government for the mishap they have created in the country, just now created a mishap at their own level .That’s the story of every “chai garam chai” man ,blaming others while neglecting the faults and incompetence in t hemselves. Defaming the government for the unclean society and leaving the railway toilets unclean ! Ironies in every act .

But the journey has not ended yet , our common man is yet to meet the reason of his journey .Loving family members and friends ,reason why India still stands a chance to change.Leaving all the faces just met,taking along the sweet scent of meeting,our common man bids goodbye to the INDIAN RAILWAYS and disappears in the whistles,chatters,shouts of the vendors,all commotion. 

Yatti Soni

Amity University, Noida

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