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A Nightmare makes you realize about the trifles of life

He opened his eyes to the salty water that was touching him every now and then. Lying on the shore he turned around and faced the sun, his worst fears were coming alive. He could not bear the sun, it was too strong. In despair he tried to get out from the sky and the water, falling, crawling, barely walking he made it out of the water, but he could not see any shade nearby. He was fighting a losing battle. He had lost his faith, in nature, in God and in Life. Nowhere to run, he just sat there embracing the sun, much to his pain, waiting for the clouds to cover. A drop fell into the sand making it wet, he looked at it at curiously as another drop fell into the sand, it was his sweat falling drop by drop into the sand, the sun was taking up his life, and the drops in the sand that was the closest thing that could be to a rain. 

The effects of the alcohol were wearing off, he was starting to gain his consciousness, realizing the painful dream he had, the sat up in his bed, filled with drugs and bottles. His room had a weird smell the weirdness of mixing cigarettes and drugs together, his legs were stumbling and his head was aching as he made it near the window. He removed the curtains; the sun rays penetrated his eyes like glass shards. He was enjoying that pain, punishing himself. It had become a part of his routine by now, one month it’s been. One month after realizing that there was nothing to live for, that the life had no meaning. He sat looking at the sun and closed his eyes. 

He started asking the same question he asked himself for the last one month. “Why she had to leave?” He played the times he spend with her, both the good ones and bad ones in his head, it was perfect till the day she left then why it had to end. He asked that to himself a million times. He stood up and put on a shaggy shirt and walked out through the door. He walked through the street, with eyes staring at him. He didn’t even know that people existed around him; he was alone in the crowd. People running around money, fame, career and in-between all of them, he was someone who was saddened about the love that left him but he had lost track of the reality, hallucinated by the drug and the alcohol but he know where he was going, the place where he’d spend hours every day, her grave. The went and sat there, under the scorching sun, it was not a problem for him, he started talking to her, time flew and a drop fell into the grave he looked at it curiously an d smiled as another drop fell from his eye. A bird came and sat near him and started singing.

His eyes opened to the numerous tweeting sounds, he jumped out of bed and searched for his phone, he found it near his bed. 

“You have 9 text messages” it showed.

He didn’t have to read any of those he knew who it was. He started dialing a number and waited anxiously, someone picked up the phone much to his pleasure. He was stammering but his words were clear.

“I LOVE YOU, stupid I just had the weirdest nightmare”

He continued his conversation as he moved towards the window. He was smiling and obviously happy. A drop fell on the window pane, he looked at it curiously as another one fell, he looked up the sky, and it was raining.

Renjith Ravindran

Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kalady


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