I am SORRY. Will you take it?

Posted: September 28, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Today the purple wind has blown again,
when I saw you standing down the lane.

Remembered my mistakes, mishaps happened,
Felt guilty I m, to make you shattered. 

Forgive me, for times I made you cry,
left alone, broke your heart, I won’t deny.

Sorry for being me, wetting ur eyes,
Making you hurt and those lies.

What I did always, made you heart heavy,
And to confess I was very lazy. 

I have Caused stress in your life,
I made you cry a million drops and sleepless night.

I m sorry for that day I was out of my mind,
I shouldn’t have told you to get lost of my life.

I shouldn’t have shouted on you,
neither have I went left you.

Very sorry for those awful conversion,
from now on, only sweet vibration. 

I will play the symphony of on your favourite song,
we’ll dance like no one stretch us along.

Now I realize, can’t move alone in this journey,
I need you to be with me honey.

Now I’m here to wash away your fear,
to make you smile and to wipe your tears. 

I’m sorry for the lies and being so fake
I will show you my true love, will you please take? 

Sovik Ranjan Mishra

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