Candy of your life !

Posted: October 10, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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I was born in the imagination of my  creator,he’s my God.My god used to have his own God too,maybe that’s how things work here ,God creates you and then you become God for something else.But I’m not sure because I never made anything ! But I’ve seen things made, big things growing into huge.Ya,I’ve seen it all !

One day, my God packed me in a box and I landed up in a pile of more people like me. Honestly speaking,I was hell scared.Still I maintained the smile my God gave to me! When I came out of the BOX. I was with this big creature,they called her ‘Durga’ ,they were huge , so I felt better to be with this big one ,it was comparatively small. To my surprise,this creature was not that innocent as it looked like, moreover it changes the curve on its face(NO respect for God !).I never changed the curve, my God gave me, pity inconsiderate! Initially I dint like these giant creatures, but then this comparatively smaller one took serious interest in me. That fellow never left me alone.We slept together, woke up together,and when it engulfed some strange things , even then I used to be there,it tried to make me have those strange things but fortunately my God dint gave me that function.With the passage of time,I started liking this thing,Durga. It was like the only thing I could associate my life with. It also gave me a name “candy”, which I doubt came from the frock I was wearing.

For now,big thing started getting huge,it started giving me more space now,for  the morning hours it used to be a whole commotion here,huge things doing “i-don’t-know-what” stuffs to Durga,and then separating me from it for 5-6 hours.I have no idea where Durga used to go nor do I ever asked but that place had a strong influence on Durga . Coming back ,Durga used to babble a lot new words and developed a passion to  chalk n’ board .Even tried writing on me with that chalk, woof! It was scary. This carried on for a span of time , Durga kept developing absurd habits and interests. But the liking Durga had for me never died,we were inseperable, there were more things like me but I was something Durga never left hold of.

But separation do happen, I was separated from my god ,I expected the same from Durga,it went to  a new place, I know this because it took me along .The place was fine but I liked the old place more, the huge things were a part of my life too .This new place had many more huge people but no one had the sweet scent those old huge guys had. Durga started spending more time with things made of paper and an splitting box of steel, that steel was something I really envied .That monstrous thing took all the love Durga had for me as his own. As if I was of no more importance, steel and Durga were like me and Durga in the old days.Now I was like the other things in the place, candy lost its sweetness!


Amity university, Noida

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