I am a Wo‘man’

Posted: October 19, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Many renowned philosophers have written impeccable thesis on how a woman is indeed a powerful creation of god. Thousands of poets and authors have done there bit in the past and are still working on proving that women are no less than men. Here I am trying to unfold a woman’s life through my eyes.

Woman the word itself says wo“man”. Only a woman holds the dual power to take the charge of being a woman as well as a man. Have you ever wondered why a girl is called “beta” (boy in Hindi) at times while the boy is always the “beta” and never the “beti” (Girl in Hindi)? That is because only a beti can be a beta for her family as and when required. 

From the moment the doctor cuts the umbilical cord and announces “It’s a baby girl” take it as a blessing of god because only a girl can be a boy when it comes to protecting her family, only a girl can be herself when it comes to making her parents proud, only a girl willingly supports her family even when she gets married. Hence, only she has the power to act as “he” as well. 

From high school she learns how her first relationship (which she thought was love) was just a trailer of the rough life ahead. She laughs out loud hiding her tears behind, learning to move on. Only she knows how it feels while taking the 7th phera, leaving all the memories behind and accepting her partner’s last name for the rest of her life. 

She has it all, from being a baby girl to a daughter, from being a wife to a mother, she has the power to keep the universe alive. She is the source of life and one can never underestimate her importance. This one is to all the beautiful women for being so patient and devoting all your life and to all the men who must value her for being an unconditional support throughout their life. 

Tanvi Mahajan

Kirori Mal College

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