One last time… As always…

Posted: October 22, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...

All those tears roll ,
from my eyelashes to my cheek.,
speaks every moment,
how much I miss you,
and how am weak…

Been more a times,
I have seen a mirage of my eyes in yours,
the truth, that you love me,
what happened now ?
why it cries?

without you is like,
when light dims in the street of hate,
and the sun goes down,
another dark night,
Falls into my fate.

I hate that you ignore me,
as if we never were,
its broken..
I m in pain now,
and there is no cure..

slowly like a drug,
I m being trapped,
into your loving posture.
I can not help it,
I am just another Creature..

You went away,
you broke me, 
and every single dream, my lover..
my hope, my desire,
and my anxiety to love you forever. 

Shivering your rosy lips,
talking with your mysterious eyes,
you bestowed the love stars..
In my lost thoughts. 
And all were lies…

Times I thought I would never ,
look back to you,
Then my heart cries
and says “let me love her
one last time, as always”.

Sovik Mishra

  1. Annada Prasad Barik says:

    this is realy a nice one superb work sovik keep posting bro…………..

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