Last Five Minutes

Posted: October 27, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Loneliness was haunting me. Only thing audible to me was noise–of people and vehicles. All I could see was people ,some running, some standing still. As I moved forward the intensity of sound increased as sound reverberated from people, vehicles in addition to honking trains, the usual metallic screeching of friction between the rail tracks and wheels. Yes, I was at a railway station.
I was waiting for a train that was going to take me far, very far away from my loving family, childhood friends and known roads and playgrounds of home town for higher education. 18 years of my life was rolling in front of eyes like a ’60s movie. All of a sudden I started to remember those moments which I had never thought of before. Scolding of my father over the naughty pranks and annual results, hot and spicy curries of mom, fighting over petty issues with my sister, centuries and match winning knocks in gully cricket with friends. Its indeed a mystery why people start to appreciate the values of things only when they are being taken away. It was as if my soul had been ripped off of me! Soon the train reached on platform number-2. I kept my luggage in and came out to bid farewell to my parents.

Last five minutes were left. My parents were there too . With every passing moment, I was being overwhelmed with sentiments, feelings. The tick-tock of watch was trying to catch my heartbeat .I could feel the pain of leaving my parents behind. My mother was about to cry and so was I. But I had to be strong.

The train was about to depart. I bowed down to seek blessings from my parents, my mother kissed me on my forehead; It was time for me to board the train. I stood at the door and saw my mother waving me bye. I tried to recuperate and tried to get a glimpse of her till the last instant, but felt weak enough. It was as if God had drained me of all my strength, I had not felt as much helpless as before. Slowly she started fading away from me and from me faded. Now my eyes couldn’t spot her. All I left was with memory and the moist imprint of my mother’s lips on my forehead. 

Six years have passed. Today life’s journey has taken me far from everyone. There has been numerous ups and downs along the way. Whenever I walk back in the lane of my memory, I find this as the most heart touching , toughest five minutes of my life. 

KIIT University

  1. Swasti says:

    Awesome words !!

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