One Afternoon

Posted: October 28, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...

It was one of those afternoons, where the sun enjoys a deep slumber, wrapped in the black clouds. The indifferent and emaciated city falls silent; the silence of the sand escaping from a fist. Away from the bustling of the busy lives, the city stands cloaked in stillness. Enmeshed in the solitary dampness, bewildered at the smell of the soaking mud…the city breathes a blossoming life and a closing end. This is not the curse of death that departs from life but a part of it.

One of those afternoons where the city basks in her treasure of death, the air bubbles whisper something. The sudden lash of the wind sweeps you away. Pushes you into a mind tickling, enchanting tunnel where sudden showers of angel like droplets, bestowed with grandeur and divinity, awaits you.

One of those afternoons, where the ant crawls on the shallow moss to walk away from the numbness, the journey of refuge begins. Desperate for the tranquil home, it longs for an indispensable love. Slow but it seems to be destined to reach that ever nourishing, soothing, complete hole; the hole that moves deeper into a pool of illusory fantastical tales of wonder and irrepressible joy.

One of those afternoons when the earth waits with bated breath for the devouring rains to sink in its burning soul. The exasperated clouds can hold no more, releasing the pent up pride. It pours and pours, gasping a last time. The waters seep into every crack that had been thirsty for all this while. The wet mud revels in passionate plight. And the enamoured city gives way to inexplicable gushes of emotions. It was one of those afternoons that we met…

Archita Sengupta

Jadavpur University

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