Posted: October 29, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Things are getting murkier day by day.
Castigations and convictions have entrenched.
Unnecessarily lashes crippled the situation.
Narcissism further debilitated the already worsen situation.
The platitudes have truncated to the core.
Tapping in and showing strength in the eye of storm
will do no good either.
Words uttered ripped up the the last hopes of salvaging the bond.
Ample times basking in came to mind.
From where to initiate and for whom when there is no epiphany ?
Not even the good memories could remove the throes of present.
Agreed that it does take two to tango ,
But the already raging fire was fuelled.
Somebody sowed the seeds of hatred ,
That ultimately culminated into SECLUSION……
Seclusion not physical , but the one that shreds one’s soul.
Well played , well played

Nabila Khan

People’s Dental Academy

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