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It’s difficult envisaging a life that is devoid of a target. Target in a broader sense implies the definition of a goal. Something that visibly motivates our mind to attain itself is a target but the latent synergy which mysteriously and continuously propels our subconscious self to behold that aura means goal. Intricacies initiate when the goals become persuasive, when you start visualizing the unseen finish. Dreams, or so they are called, tend to get impulsive, an infinite positivity seems to blind you with repeated strokes of coruscating fortitude. We tend to get smug with just the belief of achieving our coveted desire. The lucky ones reach the fire point; the ignition takes them to auto-burn mode, while the majority ends up with the flash point; once the ignition is gone, so does the desire.
The latter ones are the people who have cornucopia of goals, but unfortunately they lack plans. Such goals are termed as wish.
“We must build castles in air but also we need to construct ships to carry us there.”
Since we have a platform to explore and refine our potentials, we must take the onus of bringing out the best in us. Three years and off we move to the market, a pandemonium which has no respect for potential energy. It’s time for the bathroom singers to prepare for the stage; for the amateur players to sincerely take their skills to a conspicuous level; for the so called geeks to transform into charming boffins. In other words hobbies and self-kept practices should be improved to add laurels to our personality, after all an engineer should know something about everything and everything about something. With unflinching attitude and a persistent positive self talking, we can elevate ourselves to an astonishing level of market and social acceptability. 
We must remember that even the lungs of Michael Phelps would have tasted water before he became worth mentioning here. Dilatoriness, cynicism and negativity will try to pull us back into the hole of ignorance, but vivacity, optimism and self-belief can work wonders. Let’s start our journey towards excellence looking at the words of John Barrymore-

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”

& believe my friends; the journey will itself be more memorable than the comfort of our accomplished goal. 


Shrivats Singh


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