A Fairytale Romance

Posted: November 8, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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And this happens for the first time,
I am longing for your touch,

I am longing for being in your arms,
longing for your gentle soft hands.

I closed my eyes to remind our memoir,
and I saw the way you come closer…. nd I saw

The warmth of sand touched our feet,
while silent walking along the beach.

Touching for eternity of blues with mysterious women,
we danced to the music of waves and silence of moon.

I thought of taking a chance,
it’s stupid, but I just wanted a fairytale romance.

On the sand, a candle night dinner is waiting for us,
Our hands and souls connected in the moonlight romance.

I smell it, sweet and blissful, and flair
and there is romance in the air.

I hold you tight and took you up,
Up in my arms, and squeezed you.

I could see your face, you were closing your eyes,
And your eyes wanted me to drink all pain once.

It was killing me to the core,
and lingers like a curse.

Like a vampire thirst for human blood,
A burning fire pokes staked accross my heart.

Hugging and kissing each other, we made stars shine,
we live a romance moonlight, just you and I.

We reached together to the horizon of sky,
and the entire world I saw in your eye…

Sovik Mishra

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