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Sometimes just love isn’t enough to hold things together. We weak humans need much more than that: trust, honesty, loyalty and what not.

We are weak.

You and I have no control over thinking about things that we don’t want to think about.

So weak that we do not have the power to erase any memory that haunts us and let the good things pass us by.

We even think twice before taking a crazy chance.

Our weakness is also evident when we believe that we know something is going to last forever but we are wrong.

Desperately we sometimes try to replace the things that we once thought was irreplaceable. We have always replaced apologies with blame games.

We have expectations and blame others for disappointing us.

Half the time we are emotional wrecks, having no control over what we feel for some one.

We are blinded by love, hatred and want.

We don’t understand the difference between our needs and wants.

We are always in need of something.

Now tell me…

Aren’t we weak?

Yes, very much.

Flawed, imperfect and messed up as well.

We are weak.

So weak that we need time to do all the healing for the brokenhearted, with its bittersweet medicines.

Maybe, just maybe, our weakness is our strength.

Or maybe not.

Sruthi Laya

AAT Media College


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