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One day..when u’ll silently leave..
leaving me alone;;just to weep…
I will cry when i will hear your name… AND..
The pain in my heart will remain the same..

There will be no more fights,,no more questions over wrong and right..
I will go forever,,letting you free,,
I will not be there,,and there will be no more ME

That day i’ll go happily and smile..
because whatever happened..atleast we loved each other for
a while.
No more explanations,,no more demands..its you and your life,,i’ll not b around.

But one day you will surely remember the memories we made..
And the ZIST LOVE that vanished.
because it was not made to stay..

Nadia Shahid

TRUBA Institute

  1. Nabila says:

    Its amazing , touching

  2. sam aijaz says:

    hey gr8 try buddy :like: keep it up 🙂

  3. rohit yadav says:

    really touching..

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