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Posted: November 21, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...

Why is it so common to hear breakups in relationship nowadays? Is it the trust that fades away on each passing days or the maturity that develops with time and with gaining experience ,restricts from making a wrong choice and suffer whole life? And all the feelings, all the special moments that have been created within them all vapourize in a second ! I just wonder how people take relationships so casualy and break so easily !

May be I dont know exactly why people around me are not happy. With time tickling away, we generally consider ourselves more mature and more understanding and I dont know how much true the fact is but i do think myself to be the most mature girl even when my parents think I am so immature to take decisions of my life. Sometimes I love when they think me immature cause in a way I am being pampered by them but sometimes i do hate it cause I like calling myself “mature” . Our understanding level increases from our own experiences and experiences are gained from our observation in and around us. My friends consider me “Love Guru” even when I am single and whenever they are in any problem they just come and discuss with me. I like when my friends share their own problems with me but I feel that much helpless when I actually cant solve out the problem. I find my friends and my near and dear ones to be much foolish to break their relationship for silly reason s. I dont know why people have become so impatient nowadays. Its very easy to break but its more easy to hold onto things. Simple way to hold onto is nothing but being little bit understanding and patient. Patience is a very important thing I consider in a relationship. Relationships are better name of friendships.

Being in a relationship and maintaining a relationship properly are two different stuffs !

Someday someone said me “Love is a better friendship.”

I still keep thinking his words. He is true someway. I was too immature then to realise his definition of love but slowly time has made me wiser. And now being wiser and being mature, I feel bad when I see my friends suffering.. Suffering for being in a wrong relationship. What I feel no relationship can be wrong. Its our actual problem we perceive things mostly in a wrong attitude. We human beings have a pessimistic and complaining attitude towards everything we have. We are not happy with what we have, we like the things others possess. We are so fond of acknowledging others’ beauty but we dont like ourselves or the things we possess. I am not criticising my friends or the people around me, nor I am a foreteller of better relationships but I find baseless to break up a relationship just because one fine morning you find the person wrong whom you have loved all these years… Only thing I would like to elucidate upon is be patient, be understanding , be mature s ometimes , be caring and be little bit loving than what you are actually. Then everything will be alright , everything will be perfect !

A realistic love always keeps the candle of hope alive within our heart for an inescapable togetherness between two honest souls !!

Build up your own fairytales, your own love stories !

Dipanwita Naskar

KIIT University

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