That special moment…

Posted: November 26, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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His fingers first touched my cheeks. I was breathing heavily. First his middle finger, then his first finger and then all of his fingers, helping to put my hairs behind my ear which were covering my left cheek . This was the first time i felt him… i felt his touch. For a girl, touch of that special person whom she loves wholeheartedly and wants to spend rest of her life with him is always the most special and incredible. i never thought before that day that i will feel his presence so closely. i was nervous but i was smiling. smiles came right from my heart. The auto was complete dark but for the first time i was happy even in darkness. He was holding my hair starnds passionately. That moment was alluring and pleasing for me. I felt him someone very close to me , someone with whom i can be and trust for the rest of my whole life . I felt him very sweet that day. Rony da was silently peeping through the looking mirror ,was trying hard to see what was going on between us. I loved the way he had put his right hand around me, in a way he was holding me. I was gazing outside, trying to feel that moment. Even taan , my room mate understood something was going on between us. She understood but she didn’t say anything. All of a sudden his lips came close to my left ear, could hear him saying ” Mum you want to sleep? want to lie on my shoulder? if you are not feeling well lie down on my shoulder.. ”

I said ” No.. sanghita is there.. ”

He replied back “She wont be able to see.. ”

I still nodded. Being an Indian girl, it’s obvious to be shy to love or to be in loved in front of others ! Silence prevailed in the auto. It was complete dark and tranquil. I started loving him more after that day. I was happy. I was smiling silently. I was blushing. I was overjoyed. I was very happy the whole day. I was smiling silently even after i got down from the auto and went back to the hostel. I thought may be he didn’t realise anything but it was him only who reminded me of the whole thing what happened in the auto in our night conversation. Again I was blushing. I couldn’t say him anything that day . But he knew i was very happy. i was out of my words that day to elucidate how much happy i was with him. i could slumber peacefully that night.

It was a happy night for me !

Dipanwita Naskar

KIIT University

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