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I don’t know whether its right or wrong. but all i know is, its you and only you ,,that my heart has found..
I know you love someone else and could never be mine.
but without you ,how could i ever be fine …

u asked for friendship and i said “YES”,because it had been six years but its you whose my quest.
I have been rude sometimes ..i know i hurt you but you don’t know my dear that it hurts me more as losing you was my fear

u say you don’t wanna let me go. i take that with a smile and for you i walk slow because i wish to see ,if ever you care
I walk alone just waiting for that stare 🙂
And then i felt something strong within me driving me insane,,I decided to step back because i know what you want and i know its not me 😦
so i lied to stop you right there as i knew what has started somewhere

And now without you i feel all alone..so many people, friends can never make feel the way u do..as that special someone for me is you 
Something within me says you are not one ,you not worth it.
but something goes against me and compels me to accept you with all flaws and that’s it..
My mind says to let you go..let u go off my mind..but my heart said just once more, once more.,maybe for the LAST TIME 

YOU made me cry ,,you turned this heart into stone you made me believe in love and more than anything u made me believe in you.
You asked me if i m single ..my answer was yes 
and now that lie is burning in my throat..because i can’t tell you that i m committed ,,committed to no one else but YOU 

I say i m strong enough to forget you,,but its only me who know what you meant to me and its only me who knew..

I Even can’t let you know..and get this load off my heart as even if its “YES” i know our world’s are so damn apart..

People say that i m lucky my wishes are easily fulfilled SO,,i added you in the desired list 
and i don’t know what’s written by the divine,,this wish never seemed to be fulfilled,,because i remember what i wished for was your happiness ..not mine ……

SO here with regret and lot of pain..i see you go and i see my first love go in vain…and now i “ll never ask you as a wish because now i know what’s you wish..
And i just pray that your love will be yours.
although my heart sinks, as i was all yours

AND with a heavy heart GOODBYE i say ,,as we are just not meant for each other,, we are just not meant to stay..



Nadia Shahid

Truba Institute

  1. Samra says:

    (y) (y) (y)

  2. samir modak says:

    nice writting…

    If u dont be poet then be the poetry

  3. monika sahu says:

    Ths z wat dat actlly nt only touches d heart but olso d soul…
    grt job done by u… (y).(y)

  4. Awesome.. You wrote exactly what I’m going through… I’m touched!

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