Love | Another word for Hope…

Posted: November 29, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Love… this word can be compared with the motherboard of a computer…Love ties each and every relationship into a very beautiful bond and it rules our lives…Without love we are just nothing! Simply nothing! Love can never be judged…Love can never be measured…It’s beyond everything in the entire universe! Well… in one word it’s Love that makes you the happiest person in this world! It’s the best feeling one can ever have in their lives…It’s the reason behind that beautiful smile on someone’s face for that special person in his or her life! You never know when you are in love when the truth is that you have always loved that person…You have always missed that person when he or she was not in your life! Well…some people really think that they do not deserve to be loved! In this case, I really feel that everyone on this earth has been born out of love…has been brought up right from childhood with love! Ma ybe sometimes , some things occur in someone’s lives which should not have occurred! As a child we always want to grow, but as we grow up we understand that broken toys and lost pencil much better than lost friends and broken heart May be for that moment ,they fall in into a very difficult situation in their lives and think that their life is a mistake!…But it’s not true…because someone has once told me that time is the best healer… with time everything will be ok! It’s true… that with time people move on! People try to forget their past and move for a better future that is waiting for them! But time is also a very misleading thing! We can gain experience from the past but we can’t relive it and we can hope for the future but we don’t know if there is one! But still…it’s the hope with we can live with…maybe someday we will see our happy faces in the mirror again and feel satisfied…Hope should never get extinguished from our lives! Because it’s only the hope with which we can live! It’s the only option left for us… with which we can live for the rest of our lives…So finally…I would like to end up my post with the best lines that I have come across from one of Durjoy Dutta’s book…

So don’t lose faith in love…it’s there…it’s around…there is someone for everyone…you might have fallen for the wrong girls or guys but then again, that doesn’t mean the search ends…who knows after all, the guy who just walked past you might ends up spending the next Valentine’s Day with you… 

Sanghita Biswas

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

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