Being Quintessential

Posted: December 8, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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As I was reading newspaper yesterday I found a word ‘Quintessential’.This word strike me an i thought of an article on it. Life is an exam where syllabus is unknown and there are no model answers which can solve a particular question. Many a times we search around for answer to certain questions .We try to search our answers by watching the life of quintessential people. But we do not get expected answer.We always try to follow the ideologies of quintessential people but we end up doing some mistakes.We become very sad and corner ourselves from the people who care for us genuinely.As in case of mine I always had expected to do my best be it in academics or any other work but i always end up by doing some mistakes.I mean its good to be quintessential.
But one thing is beyond my vision that why people who think that they are ‘Quintessential’ but actually not expect the people around them to be quintessential. I don’t know what these people search for. And one thing these so called quintessential people think that they are people from high class society and willingly they avoid the truth and expect others to follow their ideology.They expect them to follow certain code of conduct.But one thing is beyond my vision that they know that everyone cant be like them. I mean c’mon god has molded everyone with certain good qualities and and certain bad one.But that doesn’t mean everyone is bad. But these so called quintessential people build around  themselves a wall which is unbreakable.But this wall has an exception too,but not for everyone.It’s only for those who fit into there category.And if you do not fit into this category then you became a laughing stock for them.

So the people who always believe to be friend with everyone becomes an easy target of these so called quintessential people. I don’t mean I have any grudge against them.But this is my point of view.As India is a democratic country and every citizen of India has right to express,so I had presented it front of you.At last I want to conclude that  don’t be quintessential at every situation,sometimes its better to do mistakes,as we get a another chance to present ourselves in a better way,so people around understand us better and be able to detect hidden qualities inside us.

P.S: The day u find someone who can see the hidden you,don’t miss the opportunity to lose that person. That person is the best life partner for you..

Sayani Mahapatra

Sir Padampat Singhania University

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