Reality is chasing. How far can you run away?

Posted: December 25, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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When was the last time you felt an absolute need of an escape, a run-away from everything that is troubling you, everything that is pulling you out of your comfort zone and dragging you onto the path of inconvenience. We all have our own way of escapism because very often we find out that the the reality is harsh and we are not in a mood to fight. As humans, we are supposed to be strong and believe in ourselves, to take the leap of faith every now and then but sometimes turning our backs to the problems and running away seems a better option. To accept the situations is hard and to sneak away seems soothing. Deep down we are all afraid and we have fears, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of losing ,fear of getting lost and above all fear of a change and we try hard to avoid confronting our fears, so we hide behind our fantasies and pretend that the state we are in is the state we want to be in. The world believes in the Newton’s la w of inertia that a body in rest continues to be in rest till some external force forces it to run away from that force. We all do it. Every day. Its science and we cannot deny it. So we try to keep ourselves in that state of rest and we develop methods to do that. Our own escapes.

But life is not just science it also is history and geography. It knows the secret pathways of our bitter histories and it has the power of changing everything around us in a moment. Just when we’ve started feeling sure of our self and the defenses we’ve chosen, the weather outside changes. So when it is too cold outside, the best we can do sometimes is to just wrap up our self in a blanket and wait for the springs to find its way.

Arzoo Jaiswal

Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology

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