At the End of the Semester

Posted: December 26, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...

Yes, I am writing this one bang in the middle of my Term End Exams. But I have an Electrical exam after four days, so that might suffice the reason I am writing. I hope of finishing it soon and be able to upload it on the blog.

Disclaimer: The write-up does not contain tips on how to manage time and studies in your first semester at college, neither does it talk about tricks to score good marks nor the best pick-up lines for girls. Because these were the things I didn’t quite excel in. However, my friends do attribute me for coming up with the best pick-up lines, those never worked out, most probably because I never tried them out. And now that I have realized that I have been writing this in the disclaimer itself, let me change the paragraph.

I am sitting here in a very fresh and cozy mood, the reason why I will be on the lighter side of me throughout the article. So, the big question: How was the First Semester? Let me tell you, this is the most difficult question I have come across many a times in the past one week. I bet you, this is million-folds more difficult than a triple integral question in Multivariable Calculus. Now, how should I explain how my first semester was? Thrilling? Adventurous? Staggering? Effervescent? Vivaciously Animated? Monotony-Struck? Gloomy? Miserable? Harrowing? I will add on more words later on. I could fall upon only these after fiddling with the Oxford dictionary for about 10 minutes. Well, to sum up, just sum up the above stated words for the answer to the biggest question to have ever hit the fragile brains of a college fresher.

Let me state in points how my first semester was really like.

1.) Bhaiya, ek Maggi banana…

Oh I will never forget the heart-warming welcome I got at the Chennai Airport Maggi Counter. It happened so that I had this 5:30 am flight from Delhi to Chennai. I hadn’t had breakfast, so, as soon as we landed in Chennai, I went to have some Maggi from the shop at Chennai Airport itself. This is how I ended up leaving the airport without having any food.

“Bhaiya, ek Maggi banana…”, I said to the shopkeeper.

And bang came the reply: “Anna. No Maggi Banana. Only Maggi Masala and Maggi Curry.”

When I was a child I had fever

My hands just felt like

Two Balloons

Now I have got that feeling once again

I can’t explain.

-Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd

It took me a couple of minutes to gather back my senses. I looked at my dad who was standing in a queue to book Fastrack Taxi, which would take us to my college. I then looked at the shopkeeper who had just made me comfortably young. I rolled my eyes slight to me left, where my suitcase and bag stood effortlessly. I slowly tilted my head up and looked up in the sky. I had no emotions as to how to react to what had just happened. I gathered my luggage and my body which had refused to move, and walked away from the Maggi shop.

2.) I add mom on Facebook.

Yes, possessing a very high emotional quotient, I couldn’t stand the pain of separation from my mom, following which I added her on Facebook. Since then I have had a regular visitor to my profile. Feeling meh -_-

3.) I told my friends that I knew her.

The prettiest girl in the freshers’ batch just walked past us when we were sitting on the stairs next to the Food Court. I have had some of the best memories of my college life here at the Food Court. Yes, getting back to the topic. One of my friends gazed at her unti she disappeared into the vicinity of the crowded area.

“I know her’, I said.

“Who is she? How do you know her? C’mon. tell me!!”

I told him her name, her stream, hometown and some other details. He looked at me stunned. Bewildered at my networking and social skills, even the girls sat there with their jaw dropped. That was a proud moment. But some guilt was eating me from within. It was like a knife piercing right in my chest. After a few moments, I said, “ I never said that she knows me.”

4.) Hello John Lennon.

—img 1—

I had never been a listener of Western Music and English Songs before coming to college. It happened to be here that I met this hard core Beatles fan. Initially, everything went normal until that fateful day, the day I heard one of their songs. It was ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’. I don’t really remember what happened after that but I do remember myself downloading their songs. A lot of songs. And also, I downloaded John Lennon’s solos. The first song I heard of him was ‘Imagine’. That was a game changer! His songs have accompanied me throughout this first semester, in all ups and downs; the latter being more often.

5.) The Most Amazing Way To Screw Your Scores.

It was the night before my Mathematics First Mid-Sem Exam. There were 5 of us studying madly. We had planned to study throughout the night, few moments ago. The beginning was full of zeal, and encouraging. We started to solve the problems and it seemed easy. It was after three hours or so that we realized that we had been doing the part that was actually easy. It did hurt but we didn’t lose hopes. We studied and studied. It was nearly 3 am when two of us succumbed to the atrocities of the devilish subject and went to sleep in their rooms. The remaining of us, we applied some ‘Vicks’ right below our eyes. My friend suggested that it would help us from falling asleep.

The next thing I remember is this. I wake up in my room alone. My pillow was on the ground with my phone lying next to it in several pieces. I rolled my eyes up. My room-mates weren’t there. Next, a vibe of shock ran from my heart to my brain and traced back to my toes. I pushed my frozen eyes towards the wall clock.

This is what i saw when i woke up, more or less the same.


I can never forget that look of the clock. It seemed to be shouting out the time. It was 10:34 am. I should have completed my exam at least four minutes back. And here I was, all in my solitude, lying in the serenity of my room.

They say I slept off my exam. But I beg to disagree. All of us slept that night. All woke up and went for their exam, except one. Just one person with the strong heart.

6.) Those Gloomy Days.

Leave this part if you haven’t ever had a tough and gloomy phase in the middle of something very enthralling. These are those days when you realize you are screwed up. Bullshit! What I feel is that these are rather those days, when you are screwed up and you stop being awesome. Seriously. You are pissed off by the monotony of your life, usually. Or you develop unnecessary, negative and unscrupulous vibes around you. You do face such days in the first semesters. Most of my friends did. Almost everyone, including me. However, I had quite a many reasons to worry about.

7.) My First Trip to the Bar.

It was one of my friends’ birthday. The venue was Hi Spirits- Bar and Lounge. First of all, I thought that she had sent the message to me mistakenly as I had told my friends that I didn’t drink. In fact, no one in my family drinks and that was one thing I had inherited or you can say was made to inherit. Whatever. We went in there. Everyone sat down and one of my friends signaled the waiter for taking an order. I do remember a few things they said. Old Monk, Signature, Royal Stag and a few more. When it was my turn to give the order, Coke was all I said.

But I didn’t drink. Neither whisky nor rum. We danced and clicked pictures. We sang aloud, broke some glasses. But, I didn’t drink. And I respect my friends for not forcing me into it.

8.) I Found The Special One.

This was something I had foreseen. I knew this would happen. But I never knew this would be so special. I found my girl with the yellow umbrella, yellow long coat and those long boots. But there was something incredible about it. I am going to talk about this in my write-ups to follow.

When I came back to Delhi for Diwali Holidays, a friend of mine from school asked me if I had a girlfriend in college.

I told him straightaway, “No. I don’t need one. “

“Don’t need a girlfriend?”, he looked confused.

“I mean I don’t want to be in relationships and all. It is not my cup of tea. I do have friends to talk to, share my joys and sorrows with.”

“Anshul, are you gay?”

We laughed off on that remark of his. After a small pause, he said “I wonder what will happen when you’ll fall in love.”

“So do I.”

It was a few weeks after that conversation when my soul hit the highest mark of enlightenment of love. I was writing my Computer Practical Exam, when a series of entangled and unsystematic thoughts flooded my mind. And it was then that I fell upon the conclusion that yes, it’s her. It has to be her.

9.) Blogging.

It was one of the quickest decisions of my life when I decided to write a blog. I had been writing and I wanted to compile my articles. Then I thought of incorporating all the nice things I came across under one banner. I gave it the name The Sunday Dreams as it is your dream which you chase and live your life for. Do give it a read if you like to.

10.) Holidays and Departure.

Bye Bye!

Exams were now over. I can’t say that I have completed my first semester because the results are yet to come. I screwed up my Term Ends. But it’s okay, let’s not talk about it. So now, we had holidays, a month’s holidays. I was going via train and my regular group of friends had their flights. I was to be the first one to depart. I don’t know but this departure was different from the previous ones. Previously, I was focusing on what I would do upon reaching home. This time it was what would I do once I leave this place. We won’t be meeting up daily. All of a sudden, there will be an abrupt change, a change I had never wished for. The people I had been with for the past 5 months or so will be missing for the next one month.

It was a heart-warming farewell full of hugs and promises of meeting up.

PV, the craziness will be back. Rhythm, we will meet in the colony park. Nirwal, you weren’t there for the final adieu. You will have to make up for that. JK bro! JK! V-Boy, miss me bro! I will return with more advanced puns. Promise.

Yamini, I am still waiting for that dialogue from Border. Negi, I promise, my first drink will be with you. Sonali, I am dying to hear that Donald Duck voice from you. And Pandian. We will meet soon. AndThanks for being there when I screwed up my Chemistry Exam and was at the same time plagued with other issues. That little conversation was so helpful. I will remember that evening throughout my life.

Thanks Radium and Bhandari for being the most helpful and caring people I have ever met. Solanki, bring more laddoos next time. And I hope you haven’t thrown away ‘those’ whatever they were.

All in all, it was a pretty nice semester. I say this as I am just one semester old and that I don’t have other semesters to compare from. But yes, I did learn a lot of things, met a variety of people and took my own decisions, however on a small scale, but still worthwhile.

Anshul Ahluwalia

VIT, Vellore/The Sunday Dreams

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