Caravan 2013 | Bangalore

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While celebrating the spirit of reading and writing, two literary enthusiasts,

Harsh Agarwal and Nethra Anjanappa are all set to commence Caravan

spotlight story | CaravanCaravan 2013 was a literary event for the bourgeoning writers and literature enthusiasts. Started by writers like Harsh Agarwal, who released his debut novel, ‘Nazaqat’, it was a small, cohesive event held in various cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc. I had the fortune to attend the event in Bangalore, thanks to Campus Writing which was one of the sponsors for the event. Bangalore: Elements: The essential of Creative Writing and Creative Thinking, it said on the banner. It was being held in a small café in Koramangala called ‘Atta Galatta’. As I entered the café, the first thing I noticed was the small crowd sitting together discussing something. I sat down with them as the discussion ensued. It was all about how to make your writing better, especially if you want to write a novel and get it published. There were a lot of things that I myself, as a budding novelist didn’t know about. It was a very accommodating event, telling us how to improve our writing. It is essential to know that a lot of research goes into the novel, the first thing to do is to define the genre you’re going to write, a summary or gist of the book should do you a lot of good, also, a character study (looks, hobbies, nature) is important. The most important thing is to go with the flow, not worry about the deadline unless you’re given one by the publisher. The key ingredient here is patience as we all know that a lot of time goes into writing the book and sending it to different publishers, the best would be to be ready for rejections, and even better would be to not get discouraged at these rejections, great writers are born from rejections.

“Fablery Publications” presents “Caravan” – one of a kind tour to 10 major cities (like Lucknow, Delhi, Kota, Bhopal, Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata & Guwahati) of India for workshops, interactive sessions, discussions and lot more fun for all book lovers! It’s not just a tour; it’s a festival in motion!” That is what it says on the Facebook Event page. It was definitely an interactive event, but could have been better had there been more activities or exercises for the people. Personally, the closed nature of this event was better as it gives more room for interaction, and discussion. Over all, I liked the event and I wish more of such tours would happen. 

Event Details: ‘Caravan 

Aishwarya Singh Katoch (Volunteer | CampusWriting.Com)

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