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I still remember every bit of our love..rather my love..
I wonder if you do??YOU did far more worse then I was scared of…far more worse then my friends told me that you will do..
You said they were wrong and today you proved them all right..
When you were busy with some one you know ??I cried all day all night
Yes I know the truth…far beyond your expectations..
I hope one day you will look for me with a kind of conviction…
I loved you for almost six years and it took you less then six days to give her my place..
Was it necessary to drop her home alone??do you really possess a heart of you even possess a heart still
The together online and together last seen…have told me all about you..and has cleared the actual scene..(WELL PLAYED)
You played it so well played it all cool…I die everyday with pain ..i feel like a fool..
From the very start till this lied and faked everything..those memories to my heart are now like a sting..
My heart cry in agony,, it shouts your wanna scream and ask you why you did this to me?? With me also you did the “SAME”…
I know even you are going through stuff times as you haven’t got the ER tag yet…BUT DON’T WORRY
With a father like the one you have..everything you ever wanted ,,,is said and is done. 
Yours words and actions hurt me like nothing else ever before 😦
And now I don’t give a damn ,,that the new girl you are with, is an ANGEL or a WHORE..
A rusted knife jabbed my I know who actually you I know you were such a waste..
U stooped as low as to lie ,about me to the rest..when I heard all those recordings my patience was at test.(WELL PLAYED,, you WON the game and finally you LOSTt me forever)
So I decided just to keep quite and not regret..
you kept on tantalizing took advantage of my blind love..
Yes I attained lalochezia…cause I had enough…
You insulted me always and now your friends and your new pari still continue to do so…
You could have left me .but was it required to make those people abuse me?? This was all you all could do..
Now I don’t know whether I still love you or not..but yes I cry daily in front of ALLAH ..saying you name..
You ruined our love story…for all this fame
Today I say yes “it would be anybody but never you”
Only my ALLAH knows what all I have gone through..


NADIA Shahid

TRUBA Institute

Temporary effects of Life

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There are so many things which comes in our life and leave their effects forever or temporary. But can you differentiate them by their outcome ? Well I have been struggling with the same question since past 1.5 year and I can conclude that yes only the sad ones remain with us forever and good ones gets disappear with the time because we never give the credits to good memories . The sad ones makes a space in our life because I know how it feels to loose a person you love the most in the world ,without whom you can’t pass a single day just to listen his/her voice. It destroys our life forever but there is no solution for that.You have to move on with the fact and there is no point living in denial , if you don’t than it’s not healthy .But the step to move on is not that easy. It’s easy to be said than done.

What about the good memories? Do you still remember your school/college days ?Do you remember the golden moments you have spent with your loved ones ? Have you ever sat and thought about it ? I would suggest to give it a try as there is nothing to loose.Seat alone and close your eyes and move to flashback . I tried this therapy few times and believe me it brings you more closer to your loved ones.I heard this saying from a spiritual guru (though I am not a big fan of any of them and not against either) and as I said there is nothing to loose if you give it a try and we should welcome and incorporate different opinions in our lives because overall it will make you a better person.

But I think as we age ,as we grow with our experiences ,life gives you another challenges and we keep on playing the characters.

Fame ,money or any materialistic things we aspire for are just temporary ,they are not going to be with us forever because remember ,our stay on this earth is temporary !

Ayush Porwal

Nokia Siemens Networks


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Voh is tarah mera dil dokha gaya..
mano khamosh rehkar dastaan suna gaya…
hum karte reh agye us bewafa ka intezaar ..
aur wo shaks mujhe usk bagair jeena sikha gaya…

Nadia Shahid

TRUBA Institute

She never thought that sex in real life was any different from what they showed in American sitcoms. The only problem, or so she used to think, was to find a willing partner. If one had a willing partner, all would fall into place, they would show each other a good time and depart with dreamy sighs. Reality, alas, turned out to be different. Sex was dirty and the only pleasure it gave came with a tremendous amount of guilt. A willing partner was not the end of it. Was he right for her? Was he considerate and sensitive enough? Would he take nude pictures of her or record them together and post it online for the viewing pleasure of thousands of men hiding in their dark rooms? Could she trust him to not break her heart? 

The emotional dangers crowded her mind so much that she forgot to worry about the more practical issues. She forgot about birth-control. 

Although, she had had only had oral sex with her last partner, the internet told her that she could in fact get pregnant from dry-humping. 

Her world shattered around her feet. What if she was pregnant? Where would she get the money to get an abortion? What if her parents found out? What if her friends found out? What if society found out? An unmarried, 18 year old, pregnant. 

She woke up and rushed to the pharmacy to buy an emergency pill. She had to get over her nervousness and ask for an i-pill. The men stared at her, perhaps imagining themselves in place of her partner. She felt dirty and worthless. 

A week later, all her fears were laid to rest and she decided to never take such a chance again. 

Three weeks later, she was punished with another nagging fear. Her aunt, a doctor, remarked in passing that she had herpes. She wasn’t displaying any visible symptoms but not a lot of people with this virus did. The test would not give her a conclusive answer. She felt betrayed and hurt. How could her aunt say something like this to her and then not bring it up again. As a doctor, didn’t she owe her an explanation. She had no knowledge of her sexual history and yet she had said something like this. Did she not think about the effect such a statement would have on her? 

And again, her life came to standstill. 

Sam S

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spotlight story | Caravan

I just began as an ambassador for Campus writing, I had the chance to witness one of the best literary drives/events I have seen till date. Am talking of learning the skills of creative writing and the dexterous art of poetry.

‘Caravan’ was the name of the event I just attended and let me tell you it was one of the best ones in the domain I have ever seen. Campus Writing was a partner in the multi-city literary drive and that gave me a free ride to attend this awesome event and meet the awesome people who have taken to writing from diverse fields in Life. The highlight of the event were the young aspiring novelists and poets and their stories about starting-up in this field. I attended the Delhi event and I tell you it was a huge success. The event team is on its way to 8 more cities to give more people a piece about creative writing and build a dialogue about writing among the youth today…

‘Caravan’ is coming to Bangalore, Guwahati and a lot of places next. If you ever though you wanted to be a writer someday or have a thing for writing and literature, try attending the event. It is worth every single minute spent at the event…

About the Panellists:

Harsh Agarwal

An artist by soul, engineer by education and entrepreneur by profession, Harsh Agarwal entered the publishing industry at the early age of 19. His last book ‘An excursion of insight’ from Lifi Publications was loved by both critiques and readers. His next book ‘Nazaqat’ will be releasing in December with Half Baked Beans.

Harsh aims to help young and aspiring authors and takes up a number of projects with them to motivate and inspire them. The recent ones include ‘Love and Lokpal’ and ‘Time’s Lost Atlas’ where he helped numerous young writers and guided them to complete the book.

Harsh also runs the organization named – The Asylum, which aims to promote creative writing and aspiring authors. 

Nethra A

Based in Bangalore, Nethra is a post-graduate in Business Administration and is a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering. She is a voracious reader and a fiction writer, who puts quality writing over everything else. 

Yaseen Anwer

Yaseen Anwer is the Founder and Managing Editor of poetry group “Poets Corner Group”. He is widely published poet and has contributed for more than 60 national and international anthologies. Coming up with the innovative idea of publishing young aspiring poets with eminent personalities, this brainchild of his, has over 1000 members across the world and over 11 printed anthologies where the works of several amateurs have been published.

Born and nurtured in a scholastic family in New Delhi, India, Himadri studied English Literature from University of Delhi. She evoked her career in writing as a Hindi poet in 2005 and won awards from Hindi Academy. She is dedicated to women welfare and ennoblement and served the education industry by engineering various educational camps and classes under NGOs.
I urge all the creative writers to be in touch with Campus writing so that you can attend wonderful events like this. 

And finally closing in from the CampusWriting’s point of view… Someone from the team at CampusWriting would surely be at couple of the other destinations that Caravan takes us… And we will post you the stories of the event and the speakers in those places. Best of luck to the ‘Caravan’ team; a great job guys. Keep it up…

Event Details: ‘Caravan 

Joy Sardana (Ambassador | CampusWriting.Com)

Just because i m quite, it doesn’t mean i m alright
Yes i m not texting you, it doesn’t mean i haven’t thought of doing so…(my feelings remain unsaid in the messages not sent)
Just because I haven’t called you, it doesn’t mean i m busy somewhere else..that number is still on…on just for you and no one else

I wonder why haven’t you realized it yet, WE WERE AND WE ARE STILL TOGETHER…:(
i don’ know what to say i m not a superb writer..
this distance is making my love much more stronger..
this message is for you ..YES you the one reading this..
HEY stop..don’t cry..wipe those tears…you cry and your tears stung my cheeks right here..

I WISH you could see my pillow that gets wet every night and no one knows how this time is dragging by…

Just because i m moving out it doesn’t mean i m all are that one thing that could make my life bright

ALRIGHT I will wait…and could you do the same????
CAN we be together ??? TOM this forever hasn’t got an end

with a heavy heart GOODBYE i say…but then stop don’t go please :(…this is what i really wanna say..

you live your life king size..but remember you were and you will always be mine…
from ME TO YOU…


Nadia Shahid

TRUBA Institute

when LIFE doesn’t turns the way we want

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When life doesn’t turn d way we
everythng becomes messy….
lyk a beatless song…..
a sunny morning…
and the beautiful rain……
all seems bad…..
all seems vain…..
somwhere a little gal..
cry 4 her broken doll….
smwhere a broken heart….
wait 4 just a miss call….
some keeps secrets…
while some tells it all….
when every thng goes wrong…
it hurts our heart n soul…..
wen lyf turns….
upside down….
it only leaves us sad n frown….
everythng when turns d wrong
it’s sadness all around…
smile at a bay……
we should live in d present …not
live all d moments…
till they last……
coz wen it passes…never comes
juss d memories….
create a flashback……
coz wen lyf doesn’t turn d way we
it seems just lyk a bad nightmare…
which can’t b changed…
which can’t b blamed…
lyf tries 2 fall us apart….
some does fall…
some stands smart……
smtyms lyf is bad and worse….
and it seems lyk an unwanted
bt lyf is such a beautiful gift…
remember 1 thng as lyf goes on…..
hold on..
hold on..
hold on……..:)


Vritee Chandok

PGDAV, Delhi University

Being Quintessential

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As I was reading newspaper yesterday I found a word ‘Quintessential’.This word strike me an i thought of an article on it. Life is an exam where syllabus is unknown and there are no model answers which can solve a particular question. Many a times we search around for answer to certain questions .We try to search our answers by watching the life of quintessential people. But we do not get expected answer.We always try to follow the ideologies of quintessential people but we end up doing some mistakes.We become very sad and corner ourselves from the people who care for us genuinely.As in case of mine I always had expected to do my best be it in academics or any other work but i always end up by doing some mistakes.I mean its good to be quintessential.
But one thing is beyond my vision that why people who think that they are ‘Quintessential’ but actually not expect the people around them to be quintessential. I don’t know what these people search for. And one thing these so called quintessential people think that they are people from high class society and willingly they avoid the truth and expect others to follow their ideology.They expect them to follow certain code of conduct.But one thing is beyond my vision that they know that everyone cant be like them. I mean c’mon god has molded everyone with certain good qualities and and certain bad one.But that doesn’t mean everyone is bad. But these so called quintessential people build around  themselves a wall which is unbreakable.But this wall has an exception too,but not for everyone.It’s only for those who fit into there category.And if you do not fit into this category then you became a laughing stock for them.

So the people who always believe to be friend with everyone becomes an easy target of these so called quintessential people. I don’t mean I have any grudge against them.But this is my point of view.As India is a democratic country and every citizen of India has right to express,so I had presented it front of you.At last I want to conclude that  don’t be quintessential at every situation,sometimes its better to do mistakes,as we get a another chance to present ourselves in a better way,so people around understand us better and be able to detect hidden qualities inside us.

P.S: The day u find someone who can see the hidden you,don’t miss the opportunity to lose that person. That person is the best life partner for you..

Sayani Mahapatra

Sir Padampat Singhania University


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Unbranded shirts, honesty in eyes
Doesn’t exist a tag
Which can quote my father’s price?
An ocean of emotion
But never in a mode of expression
Secretly I’m his biggest pride
This is something he’ll always hide
It’s never about his adversity 
My necessity is his only priority
Still remember the pride in your eyes
Even if I got a participation prize
Beyond words is my gratitude to you
Even if you don’t say
I still very well know
You love me too…

Chaitali Nayak

*Possessiveness-it can be killing*

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“Baby…abhi what happened to you haan..why are you behaving so weird” kashvi took abhi’s hand in hers trying to make him feel comfortable and back to normal.
But abhi was not ready to listen anything at all.
“Abhi i love you jaan” she took his face in her palms and the love she had in her eyes that time for him could melt down anyone’s heart … her innocence, her purity were the things that made him fall for her and today he was just unble to feel her love for him.

“Just leave me alone and go to that Akshay with whom you were enjoying th dance” he jerked her so rudely 
“Seems you were enjoying his touch over your body..i could never think you would turn into sucha bitch…i was a fool who till today thought that you love me” and he slapped her hard in anger.

So hard that she gradually fall at the floor.

He never touched her like that so far in their 5 years’ long relationship. They both were madly in love with each other but other guys’ attraction towards kashvi and his own possessiveness for her made him over think and jealousy turned to anger and doubts towards her without any mistake of her.

“No .. no abhi there is nothing like that. Akshay is your friend na, he himself took your permission to dance with me in the party. Infact i didnt want to go but i went for your sake just for few minutes, i love YOU Abhi , i swear” she was literally pleading to him grabbing his legs but abhi’s anger made him no less than a beast…a heartless one who didnt care to even look at her once.

“Just leave me alone…..we are not WE from now….its all OVER” he gradually grabbed her hair and threw her out of his house,out of THEIR house. It was a combination of bricks, cement, paints but she made it a HOME with her love. She never thought about anyone else except her love abhi even in her dream and today she was getting this treatment in lieu of all her love and devotion.

She kept beating the door with a false illusion that Abhi would come out and if he didnt come then possibly the door might fall down with her mere force.

“Abhi please dont do this to me…abhi i love you only…Abhi beat me or scold me but please dont leave me like this….abhi i would die without you..abhi i cant live without you…abhi please dont leave me…i am sorry baby..i love you only trust me… i would do whatever you would say but please dont leave me alone” she was literally crying, shrieking, sobbing, shouting, pleading but she got in return except heartache and tears.

“Tu mujhe chod nahi ho sakta….saathiya” she kpet murmuring herself and ended at the middle of the road.

She lied there and lulled herself to sleep after crying…crying hard..crying to the top of her voice and at other moment crying silently in herself.

She lied there in hope of getting crushed by any vehicle that might pass from there.
She lost the only reason to live, She didnt want to live without him.

*2 A.M*

The road where kashvi was sleeping was all silent…..But probably this was the silence before the storm. Normally this time of night is best for sleeping except for people either in LOVE or down in INTOXICATION. A group of spoiled brats flying in their BMW crushed a girl at the road and they couldnt even sense that initially out of their intoxication unless kashvi’s shrieks hit their ears. She was crying out of pain of DEATH. And those crapsters didnt even care to take her to hospital…..instead they just ran away from the spot. She was dying here and there, he was sleeping after drinking for a long time, far from the fact that he was loosing his life for FOREVER.

And after few minutes, she died….died while waiting for him to come back to her, her eyes were wide open when she died as if they were waiting to have a last glance of him but her soul left her body before seeing him for the last time, she stopped breathing. Yes she DIED.

*8 A.M*

Rays of sun were striking over his face surpassing the glasses of his room.
He tried to gain his sense, he was feeling screwed after the hangover. The headache was just too painful to bear but he was unaware of the fact that something more painful was waiting for him.

“Kashvi… coffee laana please” he called for her but then he remembered what he did with her last night, how brutally he treated her.

He immediately grabbed his cell and dialled her number but the cell also got damaged in the accident. He was confused why her cell was not in range, when he remembered how she was crying outside the door when he threw her out, he thought of checking her outside.

“May be she is still outside” and this thought made him ran to check if she was still there.

He couldnt find her anywhere but there was a huge crowd of people visible at the middle of the road.

He couldnt find out the exact reason behind that cluster and his curiousity made him lead towards the crowd, towards kashvi. Unknown of the fact that he lost his love for forever he was stepping towards her but with every baby step, pace of his heartbeats was increasing. His forehead was covered with sweat beads but why so …. he couldnt figure it out unless he saw her there.

“K..K…Kashvi” he was just jaw dropped when he saw her lying there, her eyes were still open.
“No…NO cant leave your abhi like this…wake up damade..look you can beat me” he took her hand and started hitting at his face.

The pain she went through last night was now visible at his face, in his eyes too but now it was too late.
“Kashvi…plz wake up….i would die without you…kashu” and he started crying hard while hugging her dead body.

Her open eyes were making him realise how much she waited for him, how desperate she was to go back to him but he closed all doors for her and now there was nothing else left for him except…..REPENTANCE.

Kuku Arora