Seerat: An Unknown Destiny

Posted: January 6, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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What to tell, no words to say,

just looking the time, for a meeting today,

It is hard to believe when we will meet,

Today I am finding it difficult to ask you,

for a single date.

I know, I wasted my time, just thinking of you,

but believe me, I was/am, only looking at you

I don’t know how to propose

I just know, I like you the most.

I never asked a single girl for a date

In the hope for a meeting, one day

You will one day ask, why I haven’t asked?

The thing is, I am not dependent on me,

How I care you, you being with me?

I wanted to escape, its again the destiny

who pushed here for a short break.

Its better for me, to tell you everything here,

Don’t know when we will meet asking the same question

why I don’t proceed?

Sanjeev Chauhan

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