Broken Heart

Posted: January 31, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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This one is for Guys!! Guys, LOVE HER don’t let her feel you don’t care…
don’t let her feel you don’t LOVE her!! 

Spent time with Her… let her know SHE is important to You! She is the one with whom you want to spent your whole life. She is the one for whom you
can do anything….anything!!! She needs your LOVE… that’s all she needs! Respect Her treat HER right! BECAUSE YOU LOVE HER… YOU NEED HER MORE THEN SHE NEEDS YOU! 

When I see couples, on streets… All I remember is HER!! The love we share, the care we show for each other,the way they talk to each other,the way they plan things…everything reminds me of HER!! I WISH WE WERE TOGETHER….. And when I see couples fighting or not talking to each other… What I feel Is- Dude, don’t do this to her…. may be the mistake is from her part or your part… but YOU ARE THE MAN…go and talk to her.. don’t keep her upset or waiting for too long.. indirectly you are hurting yourself !! isn’t?? 

GIRLS are delicate…understand HER…Let her not drop her last tear for You….Because if this happens…She becomes STRONGER THEN YOU…. !!

If you TRULY LOVE her ,patch it up as soon as possible!! If you are late…. You are the one who is going to be more terrible…more guilty…because you didn’t make it right when you had the time!! NOW SHE moved on…EVEN I don’t No how easily they can move ON.. How easy it becomes for them to wrap up the past and move on!! Now they don’t wanna meet you… don’t wanna talk to you… Even don’t replies to your msgs….MAY be she got someone new in her life and she is happy…. and the mystery is you still don’t no IS SHE REALLY HAPPY OR SHE IS PRETENDING TO BE HAPPY? 

At this time time you realize…. GIRLS are stronger then BOYS EMOTIONALLY…. YOU need HER more then she needs YOU!! You wanna be with her again…. you beg her to come back… you REALIZE SHE IS YOUR LIFE…you need her anyhow…you are ready to do anything for HER! But she refuses to come back…. she doesn’t CARE ANYMORE! NOW the guilt comes…. I should have talked to her…. its all my mistake…i ruined it!! And you know she is the girl for you….She is your life! Nothing is seems to be like before…. for you the world is turned to GREY! ALL YOU think.about is HER! AND the thought of Her with someone else….kills you..wrenches your heart..fills you with anger!! The anger that want to RIP the HEART of that guy…the rage of anger overtake you… all you want to do is kill that new guy!! But you are helpless! All you are left with is a little HOPE…. that your LOVE was true for her…. and SHE WILL COME BACK SOMEDAY!! 

YOU WILL WAIT FOR THAT DAY! and that’s what keeps you alive! But there won’t be a day you wont think about HER….. There wont be a night you wont shed tears for Her!! Take it from ME- Love her with all your heart guys…. Don’t let her sleep mad at night! Sort out
everything the same day…and stay happy with what you have!! 

Otherwise you are the one who is going to suffer more…. YOU are weaker then girls emotionally…! STAY IN LOVE….STAY HAPPY!

Chakshu Dadhich


  1. Sat... says:

    If she don’t want to listen or don’t want to talk same day, so how we can patch up…

  2. The message on the gravestone titled “grammer”

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