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November 8th,

It’s 3 AM in the morning and a string of ideas waves around my mind ringing my thoughtful bells and trigering the insiduous yet audacious thoughts graved inside me. Thanks to my obnoxious roommate gaurav, i cannot sleep now before giving a thought about this future shit. It was just 24 hours ago when i planned not to think and plan about the future deeds that are awaiting me and my soul to pass by after discovering the slain white hair on the left side of my not so round scalp. It came as a reality check to me alarming me of the consequences that are knocking around the corner in the obscure future. Back to the ideas, the reason for my sleepless night stint, i again try to understand the aim of my life, is it making more money than my ancestors and making my yet to be born child a golden spoon baby or it is about living life the way it is meant to be.

I crawl around the walls of the destiny, grumbling for the sunlight that will ma ke my life brighter yet nothing comes to my stubborn mind except the biting of , i don`t know how many mosquitoes around my pale tiresome body. Only the crystal meth comes to my mind now, living life is so much fun when you are the superman in it, breaking bad, 9.5 average rating at imdb, hats off to the creator and the crew, i hope you don’t die of the overdose. I better try to sleep now, exams round the week, pseudo cuddling about 3 weeks from now, i better get some stamina by then, all work and no foreplay makes me a useless potent boy, which i hate to be. Have patience, the entrepreneur inside me , you still have some valuable time. Wake me up when this shit is about to end. Good night, see you in dreams, carpe diem my inevitable future.

Joy Sardana

Delhi College of Engineering (DCE)

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