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The world bid adieu to two BHARAT RATNAS as it bid farewell to 2013. One left for heavenly abode and the other one retired from a heavenly journey. With the former one dreaming for a never-before-thought world for 27 years in jail and the latter one living a dream for approximately equivalent time, both left the global-stage mesmerized with their charismatic fervor and indefatigable spirits. 
One brought liberty to the masses while the other one helped them realize their liberty.
Though the magnanimity of “MADIBA” and tenacity of “TENDALYA” can’t be jotted under the same flow, yet I find it appropriate to appreciate the paragons collectively as both did the same work: “PUTTING SMILES ON THE DEJECTED FACES.” 
Mandela taught the world that: “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong; the weak can never afford it”. I won’t highlight his life; instead I will express what I am trying to learn from his life.
Let’s answer some questions. As professionals; can we tolerate biased judgment by our bosses? As civilians; can we tolerate bribery by cops? As citizens; can we tolerate terrorist attacks on our country? 
Answer is NO.
But do we have the audacity and a heart which permits us shaking hands with those mercy-seeking bosses, cops and terrorists? At least I don’t possess such virtue. But Mandela had. So instead of back-firing on the whites who mercilessly sabotaged the blacks in South Africa and imprisoned him for nearly 30% of his life; Mandela joined hands humbly and invited them to contest elections. 
Revenge would have led to bloody-clashes; and perhaps S.A. would have been paralyzed; likes observed in countries like Sri Lanka.

Nelson forgave and now S.A. is “Rainbow Nation”; already proud of hosting one of the world’s biggest carnivals- FIFA World Cup. 
“I don’t watch him play cricket because I know cricket, but I want to know why my country’s production comes down by 5% when he is on the bat”- Barack Obama on Sachin.
God wanted to play cricket; therefore Sachin was born.
Remaining the cynosure of a mercurial country where a child becomes a critic in his mother’s womb; for 24 years is supernatural, but what inspires me the most is his success-management. His retirement speech was one of the most inspirational and at the same time emotional moment for me. 
The child-like innocence; the ever increasing self-improvement; the heart to handle pressure and the benign disposition are some virtues we must try to learn from this Champ; attaining the nanoth part of which would be magical.
Indeed Modern History can’t be complete without these legends! 

Shrivats Singh

BIT Mesra

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