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This is Delhi. Where one of my people got assaulted and killed on Wednesday. Where two women were humiliated and assaulted a few days before that. Where my chief minister sits on dharna’s and my neighbours smash my car’s window so they can take over a parking spot because I’m not a Delhite. A city so full of intolerance and malice its shocking to the core. Or maybe I am just a bit too naive to have ever thought I liked this place.

This is Delhi, a city that no one can truly call their own when you think about it. A city that is supposed to be the capital of the biggest democracy in the world. A city where money and bling carry all the weight. A city whose women make me wonder if there women can still have substance and men make me wonder if my gender ever did. A city whose denizens call themselves Dil Wale and will stone you the moment you cross their path. It is a city I like and a people I hate.

I have felt lost living in so many parts of this country. In Bombay the Sena wanted me out and in Delhi I feel much like an outsider again. People keep telling me to relax, this city is full of your people, trying to hint at my Bihari origins but don’t they realise my people are from all ends of this nation. I feel scared for my friend when she is out shopping or coming back home. Every day I worry that my girl takes a cab from office back to her home. I feel scared for my people in what is supposed to be the capital of my country. We are a disgusting people.

We objectify our women but the women from the north east or even those who are thought to be from the north east are objectified and willified worse than anyone else. Yesterday there was the news about Nido being beaten to death at Lajpat Nagar in broad day light. What were you doing then Delhi? Letting a son of India be killed. What were the people standing by dong. Apparently just a few days before that another incident took place at Kotla Mubarakpur. A girl, again a north eastern student, went to her friends shop to buy some Manipuri herbs when she was verbally assaulted. Then one of the Delhites goes and ties a dogs leash on her leg. The nerve!! The scared women starts kicking to free herself when the man slaps her. When her friend shouts for help they pull her hair and beat her. Their friends come to stop them and are treat ‘like nepalis’-Delhi style. Broken and bruised they allegedly go to a police station but no FIR’s are registered till eventually hi gher authorities are called in to intervene. Read here. Also read this piece by a woman who came to Delhi a few years ago only to realise what deep seated violence and lust lurks in the underbelly of Delhi. 

It’s just an itsy bit frustrating that more than the police I hate the people who make up this city. Because every time I hear about any similar instance, and there is a lot to hear, I know, in Delhi it’s always possible. Its a city of disgust.

Ankit Lal


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