Rights but No Duties

Posted: February 24, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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We go and vote and enjoy the rights.
And pretend as if to change the world.
Inebriate we drive and useless we fight.
Jive then we rebuke this politics, absurd.

We call them illiterate but never do abet.
Instead use them as servants or hand.
Populace the protest when she is raped.
And prefer to sit and ignore her stand.

An AAP can stem that corrupt and carve.
And NaMo this carve to eminent and good.
But still they perish in cold of stark.
And die as wade from the thirst of food.

Their hands ain’t short but they are long.
Too endless depth is too much deep.
Weakening in duties but rights as  strong.
That lead our world to an iterating steep.

Nirjesh Gautam

Kirorimal College

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