Maybelline or Loreal

Posted: March 7, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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This is another article from my profound surveillance during travelling. I havn’t been to abroad hitherto so with respect to INDIA , poverty standards are miles behind

the usage or some even awareness of mobile phones, 

coutures of GUCCI,FCUK,PETER ENGLAND or other denumerable brands….

and if i put a glint over girl power , which cannot be underestimated ever if contended by skin (lightening,brightening or which may sometimes sanguine when needs to be blushed) products like OLAY,PONDS,LAKME dovetailing with manicured highlightining products like MAYBELLINE, ELLE18 conversing with assorted products of winter moisturisation and some SPF protections / blemishes,pores or denumerable skin problems removing products….atleast i would be…:))

but apart from all luring and giving ostentatious looks to other sexes, i witnessed a girl

with hair which never had a spa ever or even combed somehow , every strand badly entangled with another…

with pale eyes which were not made colossal by liner or mascaras but were calm and contended but still require something….may be the few bucks in the vessel she was holding,actually that vessel already had some coins which could hardly buy a one time meal…

and those eyes whisper….

i am contended towards what i have but the world forces me to desire for more…

with the skin which doesnot require any moisturisation but the warmth touch of few bucks…

with the nails badly manicured with the accumulated dust and any sanitiser cannot do wonders..

Her summer attire in extreme winters made me shiver one could not configure the colour of her mired clothing.Her footwear darned badly just to make it last longer, may be a bit more longer than i would think…

is there anyone who must be blamed for this kid …me (who was just staring her to add another post), you (who simply reading),her parents, government,she herself 0r GOD…..i myself couldn’t configure….

P.S. i wish every such child gets an angel who could get them rid of this condition soon….ufff GOD bless our country…

Shefali Arora

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