The reason I Love you

Posted: March 22, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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Ohh baby, all I know now,

I have my heart, in my body,

But it is yours, It was yours,

And it will always be yours.

Coz in my dream

Or in my real world

You are there,

As my sorrow and joy

In every single wish, of my silent prayer.

In every deep breath, I took

In every single thing, I thought

In rising stars, I have seen

Even in the scars, l had given.


Coz like a guide of my love,

You stood by forever,

You the one for I would run,

As Your beauty lays,

In every lining of the sun

In every word, I utter,

In every shining thing, that glitter,

In every feel, of my poem,

Even in this rhyme, as a lame.


Coz loving you was never an option,

Coz seeing you smiles is never a caution,

Coz the feeling I got was always true,

Coz those butterfly in you, was always new,

Coz every sunset was like a loving one,

Coz I always fall for your tone,

Coz you made me myself,

Coz you live in me,

Coz every single dream I have ever seen was with you,

That is the reason I Love you…

Sovik Ranjan Mishra

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