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Right in the middle of an absolutely ordinary day, a thousand questions hit my mind simultaneously like arrows on a dartboard.. and my state of utopia suddenly dissolves into a cosmos of chaos and confusion.

Every single day is like a battle ahead.. an inevitable warzone.
You HAVE to step in, shed blood, scream, cry, run for your life, defend your morals, surpass the zillion obstacles that test your righteousness, and reach the finish line. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and most of the times, you don’t know what happened. You shut your eyes, block the images from the wearing day and prepare yourself for another battle the next day. 
But at the end of the day, what matters most is neither the blood nor the tears, it is the lesson you learnt. There is victory and failure, screams of joy and wails of pain, appreciation and humiliation, struggles and hardships, friends and enemies, and most importantly, life and death.

You need strategy. You need courage. You need to know right from wrong.
Every battle is your chance to make your mark, to get yourself known, to create a permanent impression – because you never know, maybe tomorrow’s battle is too hard to fight.
Remember, History doesn’t remember soldiers who died worthless deaths, but martyrs are always cherished.

Be brave, be strong
Be righteous, do no wrong.
The world will try to bring you down
Because it’s a battle to win the crown.
Do not give up, come what may
Even if success seems far at bay,
because every step takes you closer
to the place where clouds of victory hover.
It’s a battle to thrive
and only the fittest shall survive.

Nayanika Chatterjee

KIIT University

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