Because You Live Only Once!

Posted: March 31, 2014 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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ContestAll the time that I lived as a child,I had always heard the grownups talk of the blemishes of a youth’s life.With the media flashing news of juvenile delinquencies,the battling discussions of frowned faces needed no further encouragement,and I too was easily convinced into believing them,mostly due to the sheer absence of interest and knowledge.I had portrayed a gray,dull vision of the post teen days where one should be at his peak awareness.Today,when this vision materializes,the shades of gray fades away and I see enough reasons to relax the frown on the face.Not that I deny the shenanigans, but in my positive perspective, I see the vigor of the young can do more good than harm as and when he learns to master his emotions.And once he realizes this, he really can achieve something,for which good doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The depressing fact is that majority of the crowd is absorbed by malignant thoughts and learns to live life with resignations. Frustrated and perturbed with career or family issues,relationships and rest,most of us rather sought the easier escape.This gives way to drugs or alcohols washing through the system so instantly that one feels the earth’s gravity grow stronger by the second,trying to drag the body through the air.We fail to acknowledge that hurdles,which we may face, is purely meant for ones betterment and efficacy.Bigger our ambitions bigger will be the issues.If we choose to merely exist,we will have to deal with lesser issues,but if we wish to live a life worthy our potential we should expect bigger hardships.And this hardship can be made less difficult to ones who hold the zeal in their hearts.If you want something in life,want it like crazy! As if you are almost deafened by the echo of its thought in your head.There’s never a easy way to the top,and th ose who made it to the top,didn’t make it easy.Complications can never be avoided and is a part and parcel of every sphere of life. Also in the matters of heart!

Shakespeare said ‘Journeys ends in lovers meeting’. Even when I haven’t experienced anything remotely close to that,I am more than willing to believe everything written about love to be true.However,deeply saddened I am by how love has recently take new shapes.Unlike those romantic period when love was preached as pure and divine;those whose luck kissed by love were envied, today, are rather seen as its victims, where one or both end up wounded. The complicated ways of living love has trivialized the worthy words of Shakespeare and others, who ever believed in the idea of love.For some,love has lost its existence in the busy schedules and social obligations while for those who are consumed by fatal attraction,it has damaged things beyond repair. In either of the two or any other cases similar,we have disregarded our relations.We hover between anger and remorse and just end up living a major relationship with a bottle of wine.I am afraid emotional drama is a key attribute. Of course,living a life without emotions is living like a machine counting days till death.But letting in emotional drama,doubt and expectations grow like weed in a stagnant relationship could be quite intimidating.

What one should always bear in mind is that its all lies in the heart of the person,the one who can make the painstaking efforts to salvage the situation.And everything starts today.Today is a providential gift,the second chance.Not everyone who went to sleep last night woke up this morning.The fact that you did means you are worthy of another ‘today’.Try to fulfill the unfulfilled and compensate for anything lost.Go see and catch up with the ones who means the world to you and drown your differences,if any, in streaming hot cup of coffee to start afresh.Like what Bon Jovi correctly meant,

Its my life, its now or never.
I ain’t gonna life forever.
I just wanna live while I’m alive…

Mitali Bharali

LNMIIT, Jaipur

  1. vijay says:

    Very good one

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