The Betrayal

Posted: April 1, 2014 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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ContestPeople today are not what they were back in the time when everybody believed in working together, helping each other. People were pure then, not that people are impure nowadays but you really have to go deep inside a person to find that purity and there is purity in everyone I believe but most of them like to keep it hidden due to their unpleasant earlier experiences,and some of them let their bad side overtake their good one and while the rest that is if they are any left after filling of the two above groups are normally pure,which is an extinct species in this century, Will have to notify the Environment people that there is one more species that is rubbed of the face of the Earth, and not because of Global Warming (well Global Warming will be happy that this extinction is not on its platter) but yes this is the work of people themselves. The human race itself is the reason for this blasphemy. This thing happened with me and my buddy a few months ago. New in college, New Year, new friends I am super duper excited to start life anew, by that I meant a new chapter in the book called life. But little did I know what was about to happen. (Fyi- I am a good judge of character) I was talking to everyone who was present, as I am a very jolly n frank person. But no guys I’m telling you this,there’s no need to be all friendly and jolly and go and help people all on your own if they don’t ask for it because nowadays people don’t want that extra help you will go and help them your mind all clear but they won’t look at it like that they will see in you a person making a joke of their helplessness and that they are nothing but a laughing stock for you, and believe me you will go and help these kind of people only, then they will go around telling people about what a spiteful person you are and these kind of people are more today than the others who will see your help merely just a help.

So what happened was that there was someone in particular and I became very good friends with that person even though to accept the truth I did not have a good feeling from inside but I kept that thought aside burying the voice of reason inside me, I went forward with the friendship on the line I was getting the no good feeling but again I ditched the voice of reason, I did this the second time so it had to punish me now didn’t it??? so there Miss. X goes and starts being all bitchy about me and ruining the other friendships I had made, and that too she was successful in doing so, I hated…nah, not hated but despised that other friend,and what she was doing was ignoring me so I thought that my despicable friend was doing shit to break me from him/her but actually the problem was she. Thank god everything came out in some way and everything is now good between me n my despicable friend (now good friend). So,that was my experience, I would like to warn everyone like me trust yourself and don’t turn your back on your intuition.

Ishani Dutta

KIIT University

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