Just A Phase

Posted: April 19, 2014 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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ContestWelcome to the world of inhuman humans
Now you will be loved and pampered
Cuddled cared stared
Everyone around is extra cautious
You are surrounded by people always
Your smile will mean everything
Your cry may be annoying, but never irritating
Efforts will be made by one n all to make you happy
It’s just a phase!!

You are turning three
time to join the race kid!
School, early morning rush..
Lunch-box, notebooks, homework
Way to go, keep competing
Always score high, Don’t lose
Else get ready for a scolding
Comparing marks….?
Ha! Wait for the entrance exams
You, your happiness, your childhood, your life
They are not of any importance

t’s time where society will give you free opinions
your life will be dependent on your rank
You cannot be happy because you didn’t score well
Oh! you have no right to live
You are a loser!
IIT/  MBBS.. You couldn’t get in!
Looking at others who got through?
Feel so unlucky!
This will soon pass by
Just another phase!!

You are glad
You have friends
You hang out every evening
Chit chat with others
Shopping is always on the agenda?
Trying to hook up for fun… ?
Cracking jokes, Laughing out loud
Stupid acts, Teasing others
You have best friends, worst enemies
It’s just a phase!

Time for college
They said it would be fun
They said its easy
You were told you can do just about anything
You seem happy, you will get freedom!

top!! What are you doing?
Not much studies….. You can bunk classes
Really? Nah! Just kidding
You will know what the world is now
Bunking? More of sneaking..
Risking a lot
Profs. will have to be flattered if you wanna score
You will have to be a bad ass to have fun with friends
Parents don’t really support you?
Sorry, you can’t really have friends.
It’s a phase, will soon end

You have great friends
but you want more now

You begin to fall for someone
O!! Look around for all kinds of expressions!
It’s not that easy my child..
You will find many smart boys/girls
You will be impressed by a lot
You are vulnerable to what the other will say
Please don’t slip yet! Just stay.
Stay where you are
It may not be what you want
may lead you to the darkest of dawns ..


  1. Ananya Dixit says:

    Poignant 🙂 A very relatable sketch of a lot childhood to adolescence to adulthood journeys 🙂

  2. sonia says:

    very well put and well thought! bravo!

  3. Madhukar Gandhi says:

    It’s quite deep and meaningful! Good writing

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