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ContestSad times it is or a time so glad-
You’ll always find me beside you serving like mad.
I love you dear with the heart and soul of mine-
And always ready to share my moments so fine.

Promise me my dear, that you’ll not forget me-
Or myself mad or dead you’ll see.
My heart is a room booked for you-
As it always will extremely love you.

I give you my word to take away your pain-
And make it mine passing through my vein.
Violent is the love, silent is hate-
You decide what is my fate.

I give you my word to keep you unhurt-
And make a place for you in the heart of my heart.
Though tides of time pass and waits for none-
But for you, it pauses because love has just begun.

Love has just begun and it will end well-
I give you my word;
Thats all that I’ll tell…

Saroj Paul

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)

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