Angel in Dark

Posted: April 23, 2014 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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ContestA girl cant hide the tears in her eyes,
Nor she can tell anyone about her cries.
But i don’t know why she has to lie,
About all the pain and suffering in her life.
Why she has to wear such a fake smile,
And disguise everyone passing by….

I have been with a lot of girls,
some came for love and some for lust.
But still i can’t discover their world,
which is still an alien Universe….

The only thing which comes in my mind,
whenever i see this alien kind.
Is the tide of sadness in their eyes,
which they cant hide from all their lies…

I wish i can change their past,
Cos that what moulds their present hour.
It makes them hide all their pain,
Cos they were hit by a tragic train.
Still i wish they could move on,
And trust someone else with a love tone.
But this is the thing they are afraid of,
Which makes them diff frm this world n so…

Chitrank Sheemar

Delhi Technological University

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