The Bird’s Eye View

Posted: April 26, 2014 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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ContestAs I took off… 
it was indeed fabulous 
ocean extending a hand to the sea 
horizon defined linear n bright 
hills mostly brown.. 
shady they looked 
buildings around… 
I could view the whole town 
waves up n down 
they went splashing towards the ground 
every tremor in d water 
was clear as ever 
as I wondered life was similar 
the highs n lows come n go 
the tilt to one side 
seems so beautiful n perfectly right 
but hiding the other side
invisible as it becomes.. 
cutting through the air definitely needs balance as I move ahead

Now I am up high,clean sky, so blue
such a serene view 
white are the Alps 
snow filled through peaks 
peeking through the clouds 
an endless cosy bed of cotton 
the sea beneath hidden 
I continue to fly 
amongst d fluffy balls 
against the air.. 
now n then I can see the mountain trails 
as they cluster and separate 
layers I see white n blue 
sun shining besides 
lightening up the sight 
I am preparing to land hold on… 

I will have to tilt again but not for long 
I see the landscapes green n beige 
roads that people made 
houses n plains sunshine left behind 
getting smoky on the way 
greenery feels peaceful n calm 
I’ll land soft… 
in an open place not so crowded 
but I can’t stay long… 
I have to take off again soon 
into the mesmerizing beauty 
the nature I love to see 
snow below
I’m floating above 
the sun shining but 
the temp is wonderful 
I want to stay here 
I visualize my home 
surrounded by this wonder 
so soothing it is 
I’ll relax for some time for its heaven here and I love to see it through a bird’s eye!

  1. Ankur says:

    Thats a nice one…. Kudos!!

  2. Madhukar Gandhi says:

    This is great too!

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