Are we truly Independent?

Posted: June 11, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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Patriotism isn’t my cup of tea,
‘Cause I’m not blinded by the love for my country.
Blinded to see what’s going on,
Politics, corruption and what all has gone.

Independence means free from outside control,
Written in the constitution.. For India it was a major stroll.
15th August 1947 was a big day indeed,
When our freedom fighters sow on the world map another independent seed.
They thrusted on us the future of this seed,
To make it a big flowering tree.. Or an ordinary weed.

But after 66 years I wouldn’t hesitate to say,
Alas! We took the wrong way.
Years passed by and we aren’t truly independent,
Failed to carry the vision from our descendants..

Poverty is bottom of a pyramid in this country,
‘Coz everyone wants to fill their pockets.. Be it businessmen, trader or a corrupt selfish Mantri.
Safety is another hell of an controversy,
Which we often happen to over see.

Why are girls still penalised for what they have not done?
Why does everyone still want a son?
Why aren’t some people allowed to express their opinion?
Why are the prices so high of petrol and onion?

I fail to understand what the people of this country are happy about,
While the wall between the rich and the poor is quite stout.
There is a ray of light in the darkest of caves they say,
I hope a juncture will come when we’d truly say Happy Independence Day!

Abhishek Mantri

  1. Tanvi Kulkarni says:

    This is amazing and definitely mind-opening.

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