Because you are a girl…

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First thing that comes to any girl’s mind is anything negative related to it. Like you can’t ride a bike because you are a girl and oh! You are too sensitive to have enough control over the gears. You cannot whistle. You cannot talk loudly because you are a girl. You are supposed to be shy, quiet and agree to everything anyone says because you are a girl. And we are expected to be ‘sati-savitris’ even in the modern day!

Yes. I agree I am a girl and I obviously know that. But NO, I am not one of those women who just have to nod to whatever has been said just because she is a woman! So this is my story, and this is how I speak it! Because of my talkativeness and my bubbly nature, I used to be referred to as a tomboy in school. Girls used to be jealous of me because I would give a Hi-5 to the guys they wanted to stick to like a gum. This was the reason why they would hate me for touching their ‘Prince Charmings’ or whatever. 

However I had a bizarrely different story at home. My father’s family was more affiliated to the sons than the daughters. All through my childhood, all I’ve seen is my grandmother would act as if I am just another child even if I was the eldest one and in a way deserved showers of love. I made my parents proud by winning medals, debating, etc. But no, I was not a son. I was NOT a GUY. To be precise, I was NOT thei ‘Ghar ka chirag’. And I didn’t want to be one because I knew what difference I would make by being just a daughter. I saw my grandmother harassing my mother and yelling at her and alleging her to motivate all my mischief. The same mischief done by my male cousins appeared ‘cute’ to my family. My father never had a say in it. So being a girl was something that bothered them and I wanted to prove them wrong. And from then it’s all I thought that I would make my mother proud, be my father’s support and my younger br other’s helping hand. Being a girl, I literally knocked down a guy in Std.5th for bullying my best friend. I won a karate fight opposite to a guy. I was the most graceful dancer according to my Kathak teacher and a good learner according to my guitar teacher. Academics, Sports and behaviour, I was good at all of them. But was that it? Was that all to prove my mettle for being strong as a woman? No. I don’t think so. Despite being tough on the outside, being a girl, we have a completely different person inside. Our souls are so sensitive and minds so emotional. And that’s where maybe where we lack when we are ditched, cheated, left, betrayed, etc. The hand that slaps a guy for his ill-mannerisms is the same hand which moves over her love’s head playing with his hair. The eyes which can scare the hell out of anyone are the same ones that lovingly look at her loved one. She allows the guys an allowance to listen to her heartbeats, touch her, kiss her and also is she a support for a boy to discover his within self. Yes, there is always a woman behind every successful man! The heart speaks a totally different language for us. Sometimes, we have to swallow our feelings down. Sometimes, we have to speak out aloud and that’s the situation where life decides to stay on your side or abandon you. Sometimes we have to see ‘him’ happy with someone else. Think for months and months for why it didn’t work out, what wrong did I do on my side, what does he see in her? All questions, doubting ‘OUR’ capabilities. Ever wondered that it was fate for that to happen and you have a better life in front of you? Ever wondered that he was not meant for you, and even if he must’ve then he mustn’t have thought of another woman because girl you are as beautiful as your soul! And it’s destined for a beautiful soul as yours that there is one Prince Charming for each one of you and yes its true!

So its fate and it’s a blessing that you are girl. You can sustain extreme stuff like emotional traumas and labour pains. Days of discomfort and days of sadness. You are the source of all infectious smiles. The reason why fashion is alive! Your tears contain all the grief and that’s when you become stronger and that’s when you know you are alone enough to face the world and its mysterious ways!

You know how to fall in love, how to overcome a break-up, how to look beautiful, how to spread smiles, how to kick guys, ride an Enfield and show it off to the guys ( I do 😛 ), to maintain a whole house, give birth to a new life, get into politics, run a marathon and an endless list of stuff we can do! So next time you should smile and say ‘Because I am a girl…’ and then you have another amazing story you can tell to your daughter. A woman’s story is no less than a fairytale, is it? 

Anagha Bansod

National Institute of Fashion technology, Mumbai

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