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Tuesday the 29th of April – 201412.15 A.m.

Why it is so that every other love story that we read have a happy ending. Is it so that life always follows the trend that if today it’s sadness then tomorrow it’s gonna be happiness. Can this trend ever stop?
Real life love stories are very different from the fiction ones, but we realize that only at the end, during the whole time we keep asking our self a question that is the story which I am reading somewhere depicts my own real life story too, I believe that it’s just a matter of fact that happiness brings people close but sadness closer, when we read about someone we start keeping our self in their shoes, we become the protagonist of the story, at times we cry, at times we laugh, at times we become sad and the very moment we become happy, our emotions plays a melodrama in front of us which changes with the changing pages of the story book.

But we often forget that one’s own life is a best seller novel indeed, hundreds of stories are hidden in there, every day we experience some strong emotions but sadly we don’t give emphasis on our own story and to keep us busy we start reading someone else’s.

Life is full of irony, the face off with which I just had a few minutes back I was reading a novel by a much cherished and acknowledged author “Ravinder Singh” CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE. At times while reading it I had this strong feeling that hey is it my story too but the very next moment I realized that naah it’s just another love story. I came across a few quotes in the novel which I found interesting and thought about sharing the same over SMS with two of my friends, one of whom was my good friend and the other was the gal I loved the most in my life.

“Love like life is so insecure it moves in our lives and occupies its sweet space in our hearts so easily, but it never guarantees that it will stay there forever. Probably that it why it’s so precious”

Just after sending the quote over SMS I came over a section in the novel where Simar finally tells Ravin that she is sorry and she can’t marry him.

Strangely at that sudden moment I found my cel having received a SMS from her, I had mixed feeling coz from the last few months things were not going the way they should had been, but still I was smiling probably over my fate that awaited or coz of the fact that whenever I use to remember her a smile use to spread on my face. But tonight my smile faded, faded the very moment I read the contents of the SMS, a tear rolled down from my eyes, the sight began to become hazy and I felt choked. The tear dried on my cheeks even before falling on the ground, probably because I had cried for her a hundred times before and tonight was the last time I did or probably not. The contents of the massage were piercing every single living cell in my body with every single word with which they were formed and read as follows.

“I am going to get married on 1st of May 2014 and I will be discarding my this number from tomorrow, I am in Varanasi right now will talk once I come(god knows coming where she meant) or will call you from my new number if I happen to take one.”

The very moment and all I could manage was to send her a reply SMS. “Can we talk now?”

That was the least that could have been asked for as that little mattered the most to me at that moment, my life was being held by a thin thread of hope. But I was far away from being lucky, lucky not even for once.
I was constantly turning in my bed, I was restless and sleep was miles away from my eyes, I was waiting for her reply and time began to move in slow motion then I decided to complete the last few pages of the novel while waiting for her reply hoping that at the end every love story have a happy ending and so will mine,but I was wrong. Reality had put a tight slap on my face when I realized that at the end every other love story do have a happy ending but not mine!

In that short span of time I had read that SMS numerous times hoping that on opening the SMS next time some miracle will happen and that SMS may turn out tobe one of the forwarded SMS but no reality is certain and does not changes to the likes and dislikes of human being.

I kept rolling on the bed with my eyes wide spread hoping to find that inner peace so as to aid me in getting some sleep but every attempt of mine got failed and finally I decided to bring my heart out in the open, sadly on paper as at that time of the night I was lonely, I had no one to talk to or the one who was, was the reason why I was in urgent need to calm down my heart beats…………..

Tuesday 29th of April 2014 01.05 A.M.

P.S.Sleep still miles away

Sumit Keshan

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